Obsolete SEO Practices You Need to Outgrow

Being a professional expert hinged on the internet, it’s not surprising that search engine optimization is not an evergreen discipline. There’s nothing better to exemplify this than what transpired after Google rolled out Panda and Penguin. A number of SEO companies underwent a period of Renaissance – an era wherein good tactics were rewarded and those engaged in shortcut techniques were penalized.

Out with the old, in with the new – this should be your resounding battle cry if you want to remain competitive and rank high in search engine results pages. These are just some of Jurassic Age approaches you should throw in the trash bag.

Cheap Link Deals

Before Google’s algorithmic changes, trading linksisa common practice among sites. This method actually did these websites good, generating significant site visitors, unique or otherwise. But all hell broke loose when Panda/Penguin came and these web properties lost their following in a blink of an eye.Searchsites are now looking for quality, natural links and this tactic will no longer fly and practically dead.

Developing Flimsy Content

Bad contentinthe internet is malignant – it just spreads and hard to kill. Good content is the new pillar of SEO 2.0 and you won’t survive without it. Invest in content development. Avoid scrupulous tactics such as spinning just to get cheap links. Give your visitors something useful, unique, relevant and compelling. It’s high time to bury inferior web materials for good.

Shying Away from Social Media

Social media companies have mushroomed over the past few years and for a good reason. The role of social networking sites in terms of propagating content is getting bigger and bigger and it’s also changing how search engines rank websites. Tryingrunninga search on Google and there’s a great chance that a lot of social media entries will appear on its first page. So go out there and be sociable!

Going into the Battle Field without a Plan

How do you separate competitive SEO companies from the bogus ones? The latter, in an effort to woo you and cover up its inadequacies, will dive right in and present you with aggressive tactics and promise you amazing results. On the contrary, the former will try to extract everything from you – your business objectives, competitors, possible obstacles, etc. After which, they will talk about the great deal of research and planning that will be involved then lastly, propose an execution roadmap and realistic metrics. The bottom line: no SEO campaign will be successful without a solid foundation andplan.

An Addiction to Ranking

With almost 95% of all web traffic coming from search engines, who wouldn’t want to be on their good side? However, this ranking obsession is precisely why countless websites got involved with scrupulous and poor quality SEO tactics.High rankingshould be the ultimate goal but as the old adage goes, the end does not justify the means. Time to move the search optimization paradigm to something more substantial and focus on user experience.

Again, out with the old, in with the new – this is how SEO firms and social media companies should look at this highly sought after online marketing tactic.