Internet Marketing Is Revolutionized Thanks to Google Re: Brief

Google isn't a company to shy away from shaking things up and solving problems, especially when the need is so glaring. This nearly two-decade old search engine has branched out and has become so much more. It sees and can no longer ignore that internet advertising isn't anywhere near reaching its potential.

Just like any medium--radio and television--that has had to come to terms with the fundamental need to make sure that advertising reaches out and grasps people's attention and imagination, fully engaging them, is the key to success. In today's fast-paced world with nearly endless entertainment and communications options tugging at consumers' attention spans, businesses need to take a more active approach in its advertising philosophies, making sure the ideas surrounding their product lift off the web page and into the viewer's psyche.

Project Re: Brief: An Internet Advertising Revolution in the Making, With a Little Help from the Past

Google clearly sees the need to revolutionize the future of internet advertising and has committed their vision to "Project Re: Brief," a collaboration between Google and five of the crème de la crème of "old-school" advertising. Some schools of thought, theories and applications are timeless and have worked throughout the various shifts in media and technology up until this point, so Google sees no reason not to go back to that deep well of knowledge and success.

"The Project Re: Brief" production from Google, directed by Doug Pray, along with his team who produced "Art & Copy," will air on PBS. So, make sure you have taken the time to review so you can DVR the program if you won't be home during its initial airing. Also, if you want to DVR this program to use in your own business practice and to inspire new ideas in your own team so you can watch it together, make sure you have the right devices to do so.

You won't want to miss seeing such a meeting of minds, media and ideas with this collaborative piece that gives new hope and excitement to an industry that is poised to find its footing with a little help from some experts who have seen it all and struck out to change the world of advertising.

Advertising Giants Who Will Bring Their Experience and Insights to the Screen

  • Harvey Gabor

With numerous awards and accolades that include several Clios, Harvey Gabor, the art director for McCann-Erickson in 1971, really struck gold with his "Hilltop" campaign for Coca-Cola. "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company" is as meaningful today as when it first aired. The beauty of the campaign speaks to what Google wants to do, in terms of engaging and connecting people, which is something that they feel isn't happening with the current nature of internet advertising. Harvey Gabor's timeless goal to connect the world through a project and the goodwill that the advertising creates could help create a sea of change in online advertising.

  • Amil Gargano

"Be blunt, open and honest" was the credo of Amil Gargano's agency that he founded with Carl Ally. The two wanted to "find the truth and hit people over the head with it" to let them know that they need the product in question. Gargano and Ally brought the idea of contextual advertising to their Volvo campaign, finding the relationship between the driver and the car. Their "drive it like you hate it" campaign helps reinforce the quality and durability of the car. No matter how much you love it, you can drive it like you hate it and it will still keep going strong. Such thought-provoking advertising touches people on a visceral level that internet advertising should be trying to achieve.

Google believes internet advertising can and should rival other media in becoming enveloped into the public's imagination with stories, truth and imagination. "Project Re: Brief" may help spur the shift they have in mind.