Five Best Jobs for Those in Print Design

Print design is a field where one can use a variety of skills in English, Art, Business, Journalism and more to find a great career for many years. To be hired for most print design jobs, a Bachelor's degree in Art, Graphic Design, English or related field is usually required, although for some positions talent alone can take a person far. Let's have a look at five of the best jobs in print design. 

Graphic Designer

The first and perhaps most popular choice in this field is graphic designer. Graphic designers create artwork and other printed materials for use in advertising campaigns, magazines and other media. Graphic designers also work for numerous other corporations as well as universities, professional sports teams designing new logos and apparel and advertising agencies. A knowledge of computerized art software including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are needed for many of today's design jobs, with entry-level positions offering annual salaries beginning at $35,000. 


Another great job in this field is that of photographer. Whether working for a newspaper, magazine or as a freelance photojournalist this career allows a person to tell stories with both pictures and words. Photographers can also work on their own doing portraits of families, children and pets to help create memories lasting a lifetime. Job prospects are excellent, with salaries averaging $30,000 per year.


Illustrators work in print design to bring images to life for advertising, animated movies and television shows, invitation printing and more. Persons with a flair for drawing and working by themselves while loving to tell a story through pictures can have great careers in this field. With average annual salaries approaching $50,000 these jobs can bring great satisfaction.


Typographers are those people who use their artistic skills to design billboards advertising the latest Broadway show or fast-food meal, brochures for businesses or ads in magazines and newspapers. A knowledge of computer illustration programs is needed, as is a feel for designing ads that will appeal to a certain demographic. A Bachelor's degree in Art is needed, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports salaries averaging $45,000 yearly.

Computer Animators

Computer animators are some of the newer entries into this field, but also some of the fastest-growing. With more movies depending upon computer animation as well as video games becoming more realistic, these careers will be in high-demand for many years to come. Many of these people are self-employed, with salaries of $58,000 yearly according to the BLS.