The Top 10 Traffic Techniques for 2014

Traffic.  There are times in our life when we want traffic and times we don’t.  If you are on the road driving, trying to get from point A to point B, the less traffic the better.  But, as a website or blog owner, without traffic you will not survive! 

There are numerous ways, both online and offline, to draw traffic to your website.  Some ways are, of course, more effective than others.  Some techniques have improved over the years and some have become obsolete.

With the average conversion rate of ecommerce sites being about 3%, you will need a lot of traffic to become successful.  Of course, everyone’s idea of success is different.  One webmaster might strive for 100 visitors a day while others might need 10,000 to make their business work.  Whatever your goal number may be, you cannot escape the need for traffic.

As we near the year 2014, (wow, these years go by so fast) we need to employ the most effective methods available to reach our goal traffic number.  Below are some of the best techniques available online to bring forth that traffic we need for our internet business survival!

1. Social Media – Since social media has exploded onto the worldwide web, the flames have gotten hotter and hotter.  To be successful with social media marketing, you need to participate consistently.  This cannot be a now and then project.   You must commit fully to your social media campaign.  Be sure to fill out your profiles completely.  I see so many people with blank profile pages.  This will not propel your marketing efforts.

    Facebook – The most visited social media page.  Be sure to get involved and do what you can do engage your followers and friends.
    Twitter – Connect with your followers.  Respond to them and address them regularly.  Don’t just tweet ads and sales pitches.
    Pinterest – Pinterest is a very visual social site so be sure to use effective images and photos. 
    Google+ - Take advantage of all the great features provided!

2. Content Marketing – Write informative articles and use them as guest posts on blogs, submit them to ezine publishers and prominent business or other appropriate websites.   People pay attention to good content and it will bring those people to your site.

3. Blog Commenting – Post relevant comments with substance.  Don’t just type in “Me too” or “I agree”.   Add facts, resources, etc. to get more people to become interested in what you have to say.   When people pay attention to what you say and become interested, they will also become interested in you and your business. 

4. Search Engines – Search engines are always changing.  What worked last year might not work this year so keep up with the search engines and make any necessary adjustments to your website.  Keep in mind that no matter the changes, good content will always bring results.  Update your content regularly and keep your site fresh!

5. Newsletter  -  Publishing a ezine or newsletter is still a powerful way to get traffic and increase sales.  Make your newsletter interactive and build a foundation with your readers. Feature a FAQ section or offer a weekly contest.  Add some fun and personality to your newsletter but do not add anything inappropriate or offensive.

6. Blogging – If you still do not have a blog, you should definitely consider adding a blog to your marketing agenda.  Blogs are more likely to place high in the search engines.  An active, content-filled blog will bring you a ton of traffic.

7. Podcasting – A podcast is simply a digital file made available for download to numerous devices.  Podcasting is becoming very popular and can do a lot for your traffic numbers.  Create a podcast that deals with your business niche.  Add your website link several times to get people to visit your site.

8. Mobile Marketing – More and more people are going mobile with the internet.  You have to keep up and be sure your website is mobile-friendly.  Gear your marketing towards mobile users.  The need for mobile marketing will dramatically increase in 2014!

9. Interviews – Interviewing an expert in your field could bring you a lot of free traffic.  If this person is well-known and respected, many people will be searching for this person and your website will become more popular. 

10. Video Marketing – People are visual creatures.  Our brains process visual information much more efficiently then plain text.  90% of online shoppers say that watching a video will influence their decision to buy.  If you have not yet started dabbling in video marketing, then 2014 is the year to get started!

Some of the older marketing methods such as safelists, free classifieds, banner advertising, webrings and mass email (spam) marketing are just not very effective and some could even result in problems for you.

Keep an eye on new marketing trends to ensure you are taking advantage of the best marketing tactics available to bring the most traffic to your site.   Much success to you!