Get Some Added Marketing Benefits from These Social Media Sites

If your business has any kind of online presence, the chances are you've heard all about the important of Facebook and Twitter for marketing.

While it's true that these are popular and powerful tools that can help you raise your profile, there are some lesser known social media sites out there that can make a valuable addition to your social media presence.

If you'd like to explore new ways to engage followers, take a look at these four social media sites:

Imagine a virtual business card that links to all your other social media profiles and is attractive to boot. That's the heart of, an easy to use site that provides users with one simple customizable page.

The easy to use interface means users can get their page looking professional and eye catching with custom layouts and font styles. Creating a page takes minutes and you can add links to all your other online hangouts such as your homepage, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest. isn't about dynamic content, but it is about engaging, concise content that paints a digital picture of you or your company and makes it easy for interested followers to find you elsewhere on the web.


Take the best bits of a current story, collate all the information your followers want, or provide updates about exciting events from around the web with curation site Storify.

This handy tool allows you to collect relevant information from around the web, including Facebook and Twitter, and put it all together in one visually attractive story. You can add your own commentary for a personal touch (don't forget to make it engaging), and provide live links to your sources.

Storify is a versatile tool for marketers that allows you to provide up to date information and commentary on a topic of your choosing, whether that is an exciting current event or a conference that you're hosting.


 If you can produce in depth and interesting content, whether that's video, text, audio or a mix of content types, you can use Slideshare to put it together into a slide show presentation.

Often overlooked as a marketing tool, Slideshare is a highly popular site with 60 million unique visitors each month. With big brands like IBM and HP switching on to the value of Slideshare, is it time you took a look? Slideshare offers up to date and effective search engine optimization, with handy analytics to show you what's popular and where your traffic is coming from.

With built in lead capturing to boot, Slideshare is a powerful tool for sharing your information.


 At first glance, video sharing site Vimeo might seem eclipsed by the giant YouTube.

Yet each site has its place and if you're looking to get attention for your video content, Vimeo is worth a look. With less chatter in the way of high volumes of uploads per minute than YouTube, your video is less likely to get lost in the crowd.

Vimeo tends to attract a more professional audience who are interested in video quality and the comments section can be more informative than its bigger competitor.

Add in the clean interface, clutter-free ad-free video player and tablet, phone and TV compatibility, and Vimeo has a lot to offer.

There's no doubt that the big social sites such as Facebook have a lot to offer businesses.

But to build a rich online presence, take the time to look at some of the lesser known sites too - some of them will fit your needs perfectly and give you new ways to tell your story and connect with your customers.