How POS Systems Can Help In Your Email Marketing Efforts

Rather than email blasting everyone who has ever stepped into your shop, you can use your POS software to do targeted marketing. As your customers make purchases, the software collects and organizes detailed data about them, including email addresses, what they buy, and how often they make returns. Utilizing that info, you can create targeted emails designed to pitch products that make sense for the recipient.

Relevant Pitches

Your POS-generated emails can follow up on a particular product or purchase. For example, after a customer has purchased a gaming system, automatically send them a coupon for a discounted controller or a new game. By reaching out to your clients with information that is relevant to them, you increase your chances of making another sale, but you also create value for the customer, ensuring that they will take your emails seriously in the future.

A commitment to relevancy increases the likelihood of your emails getting opened and read rather than ignored and deleted. ResouceNation also advises tracking who makes a purchase after getting an email. That makes it easier to make your marketing even more targeted.

Sleek and Portable

Having the capability to market to your customers based on their purchase history doesn't require a bulky POS system or even a PC. Using simple POS software, you can collect all of the information that you need, and generate sales emails using just a tablet.

When used in your store, you can connect the tablet to a cash drawer or other conventional POS equipment, or you can take it on the road, close deals on the go, and collect data as you travel. There's no need to worry about not having an internet connection--when you get point of sales software from NetSuite, it is designed to work offline. Any relevant data that is collected while you're offline is integrated into the system once it is back online.

Moving Overstock

According to, the most valuable feature of any POS system is its reporting system. You can analyze that data to see which products are selling when, you can use it to measure the efficiency of promotions, and you can even use it to make your displays and merchandising efforts more successful. However, another benefit of an inventory tracking system integrated into a POS is that you can also use that data for marketing purposes.

For example, you could offer a promotion on an overstocked item, but instead of opening that offer to everyone, you could send out emails exclusively to clients who have bought similar products. If someone has purchased several necklaces in the past or if they are a frequent buyer of novelty items, send them a notice when you've got too much of that stuff on hand, and let the shopping begin.

Limited Printing

When sending out special offers and coupons via email, remember that the age of the printer has passed. According to Forbes, you should incorporate a barcode in the email with the offer. This code can be scanned right from the customer's smartphone screen into your POS software. As a failsafe method, you can also include a numerical code. With that, your sales team can just type in the number if they can't get the code to scan. Either way, you save your customer from needing to print anything out, making it easier for them to shop and save.