Staying Competitive with a Solid eMarketing Plan

eMarketing helps your small business grow its audience via multiple online platforms by using online marketing techniques. eMarketing is a means of driving revenue to your business. It is important to get involved with your customers, whether it is through online interaction, information sharing or simply making your business accessible to them. Here are some tips for evolving your eMarketing plan into a sustainable business development tool:

Maximize Your Google Presence

Google offers many tools to aid small business marketing strategies. Whenever a customer uses Google to search for your product type, you want Google to lead the customer to your business. To appear on Google search, Google Maps, Google + and millions of customers’ mobile devices, you need to list your business with Google Places. Simply sign into your Google account and enter your business information, address, website, etc. Listing your business with Google Places is a completely free service, so be sure list your business as soon as you can.

Installing Google Analytics for your website is another way to maximize your eMarketing strategy’s impact. Google Analytics provide your business key metrics based on customer behavior, allowing you to target your messages and website to cater to your customers’ needs. Analytics provides information such as: where your visitors are located, which posts are most popular and which content is the most shared, as well as how many visitors are converted into customers. This information gives you a better idea of who your customers are and what they are responding to, as well as how effective or compelling your website is to visitors. Target your content and messages to fit your customer's needs.

Share Content

While you need to be continuously updating and generating fresh content on your website and social media networks, it’s equally important to build content sharing relationships with other relevant websites to further expand your business’s audience. Effective blogs as well as social media networks make it easy to content through “share” buttons. When you click the “share” button on an article, write why you are sharing this information. Say you find it innovative or insightful, be complimentary, and ideally find a way to relate it to your business. Sharing content helps your business gain exposure with other audiences as well as build mutually beneficial relationships with these other businesses. The idea is to have other businesses link to your website to boost your business’s visibility and improve your SEO efforts.

Press Releases

Often you can take your traditional marketing content, such as a press release and convert it into eMarketing content for online sharing. Publishing press releases online about your business’s new products or promotions is a way for your small business to compete with the large corporations by generating a news buzz. Online press release sites have access to publish your content on thousands of sites locally and globally. 

eMarketing is a means for your business to establish a strong internet presence. You want your small business’s audience to expand exponentially in a relatively short period of time and  spending time developing an eMarketing plan is an important way to create online recognition.