The Popularity of Smartphones

Technology has definitely changed our lives from the way people communicate to how they view things. The revolution of mobile technology has changed the whole purpose of a mobile phone. Earlier in the days, a mobile phone was basically used to make and receive calls and send text messages. In the 21st Century however a mobile phone does all of the above functions plus much more. In this day and age, a mobile phone can allow you to access the internet whenever and wherever you are. This means that you get to check and send emails as frequently as you want plus you can enjoy all the high-tech games on your mobile phone as well. Mobile code division multiple access technology commonly referred to as CDMA has briskly advanced over the past years.

Approximately 91% of the people internationally own a mobile phone. 60% of the people worldwide own a smartphone. This does not come as a surprise considering that having a smartphone is almost a must for everyone. People find it essential to own a smartphone due to the ease of navigation on the device as well as the multiple features it has. Apple and Samsung smartphones are the most common.

Cellphone Internet

63% of all adult mobile phone owners use their phones to access the internet. Among the internet users, 34% prefer to use their phones to get online rather than use other devices such as computers and laptops.

74% of Smartphone owners who are 18 and above use their mobile phones to get directions and related information about locations.

30% of adult social media users who are 18 and above have at least one of their social media accounts set up to show their current location on their posts.

12% smartphone owners who are adults use geo-social to check in to specific locations or to share their locations with their friends. This is a drop from 18% in 2012.

39% of the smartphone users who use geo-social check into places via Facebook, 18% on Foursquare whereas 14% use Google Plus and others.

What Smartphone Owners Use Their Phones For

According to a recent survey, 70% of all mobile phone users and 86% of smartphone owners use their phones to carry out these activities at least in a month:

41% of all mobile phone owners have used their phones in the past one month to coordinate a get together or a meeting.

30% of the people have used their phones to make a decision based on whether to visit an establishment, for example a restaurant.

35% of the people have used their cell phones in the last one month to solve an impromptu problem that either they or a close friend encountered.

19% of the people have used their phones in the last 30 days to get assistance or help in emergency situations.

27% of the people who own Smartphones have used their phones to aid resolve an argument in the past one month.

20% of Smartphone owners have used their phones to get traffic updates and to find the easiest and fast route to use to a particular destination.

23% of smartphone users have used their phones to check the scores of a particular sport in the last 30 days.

Mobile phones and particularly Smartphones have changed the way people carry out their day to day activities. They come with various game services as well as other mobile products and apps, which means that you can keep tabs with what is happening and get entertained as well!