How to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Delivers the Right Traffic

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a complex subject. That's why most website and small business owners outsource their SEO to a dedicated firm that specializes in SEO. Even in these firms, no one person can be an expert on every facet of SEO. However, firms often specialize in certain types of SEO or SEO for specific businesses, and they can be highly successful in these endeavors.

Expert SEO

One of the difficult things about SEO is the amount of guesswork involved. Because search engines don't want people to be able to game the system, they keep their ranking algorithms top secret. That means SEOs have to do a lot of trial and error work to discover what marketing tactics are effective and which aren't. The worst part is that bad SEO efforts can penalize a site to the point search engines blacklist it. This is why you need an SEO firm you can trust.

Focused Visitors - A Unique Approach is a company that takes a specific, innovative approach to SEO. Traditional SEO efforts are simply aimed at driving more visitors to the site. So long as analytics shows that website traffic is increasing, the SEOs have down their job. However, this disregards one of the most important metrics in web design: the conversion rate.

Every website has a goal, whether it's to get visitors to buy a product, sign up for a service, or click an advertisement. It doesn't matter how many visitors you get if they aren't ultimately converting by performing the desired action. The approach of one type of SEO focuses on improving the conversion rate more than just driving additional traffic to a site.

Traffic Targeting

Thanks to the ever-expanding wealth of information on the Internet, it's easy to target users with specific interests. One obvious way to do this is on social media. Users like, follow, and subscribe to pages relating to their interests and hobbies. Users also usually enter basic personal information such as gender, location, and age that can be used to broadly target groups of people. Social media marketing, whether through the use of paid ads or trying to get to follow a page for free, is a great way to find targeted traffic.

Even without the user-entered information a social media site has, it's possible to target users based on interests and demographics. The broadest way to do this is to places paid advertisements on sites that are visited most by your target demographic. This isn't as narrowly targeted as social media advertising, but since you usually pay per click, you effectively let users filter themselves based on who is interested in your website. The users who click on advertisements are generally interested in your product and will therefore result in a higher conversion rate when driven to your site.

Some sophisticated ad companies use advanced tracking techniques to target users based on browsing history. They can then infer demographic information like approximate age and gender. This can also be used to target specific users and drive them to a site.


Do The Math – Targeted SEO Pays Off

It wouldn't matter if your site had millions of visitors if they never clicked an ad or purchased a product. However, just a few hundred or thousand extra visitors can make a difference if many of them are actively engaging with your site. If you site is struggling to get the attention it needs, consider an SEO company with a focus on targeted traffic.