5 Ways Creating Buyer Personas Will Boost Sales

Knowing Your Audience, Word-of-Mouth, Buyer Personas Build Brands

Developing buyer personas is new e-commerce marketing technique that uses the power of focused, targeted marketing strategies for content that will appeal to real-time buyers. By investing in and creating effective buyer personas, a company will be more equipped to satisfy real people who buy – or might buy – their products or services.

Although buyer personas are great for e-commerce marketing, if an online marketing team projects the wrong image, the process may become more harmful than helpful. However, if your company can produce sound buyer personas, you may see immediate benefits, as well as long-term sales generation.

Top 5 Ways Buyer Personas Will Boost Sales

Knowing Your Audience – Most traditional marketing campaigns involve demographic measures such as age, sex, race, income, and location. There are many subsets of demographic measures – all of which have positive value and assist in the creation of great spreadsheets for shareholder's meeting. But ultimately, understanding your customer on more of an intimate level is the goal of most small to medium sized companies. Creating proper buyer personas allows you to speak with your audience, and better understand where to spend your marketing dollars and advertising budgets. Do you spend them on social media? How about SEO? All of the questions you may have can be solved through understanding targeted customers.

Word-of-Mouth – One of the most successful buyer persona techniques is writing blog content that reads like your target market wants it to. Writing articles relevant to your customers' lives and daily situations, particularly in a tone that resonates with the customer, is extremely useful. Customers will remember your blogging content, and in turn, will remember your company. In addition, they will share your content with like-minded friends and family – eventually acting as your marketing department. Some of the best marketing involves the simple things.

Buyer Personas Build Brands – People love the Virgin Group even though many people don’t know what business they specialize in. The phenomenon is solely due to the brand equity created from buyer personas. Virgin has identified the ideal customer for their company, not their products. In fact, their products are sometimes irrelevant. Buyer personas are used to define your ideal customer based on your company culture, which may include products and services or may not. Playboy, even though many praise it and prosecute it at the same time, does this just as well. These are the intrinsic, non-accounting principles of developing a brand people love – sometimes it’s difficult to put a figure to it, but believe me sales will follow.

Organic Traffic – E-commerce is driven by mostly two elements – attraction and trust. Buyer personas, which is defined as the perfect star character within the realm of your business goals, will build sales organically. Lower costs on SEO and more emphasis on meaningful content will produce lower bounce rates, higher retention, and longer average shopping cycles every single time. Ebay and Amazon didn't become e-commerce giants from extensive demographic studies and expensive SEO campaigns (although they still conduct those). In the beginning, they built retention by emphasizing on core customer values and building a buyer persona ideal to their particular business goals, ultimately aligning customer wants to company wants. 

Buyer Persona Sales Process – Creating buyer personas will better assist you in developing a proper selling technique, including shopping cart creations, design implementation for payment systems, and customer service relationship management systems. Make sure you understand what type of information your customer will require before implementing a specific system. Accomplishing this objective can best be understood by looking at your buyer persona and developing a system they would want to have to assist them better.