Why Google Chrome Matters for Your Small Business

If your small business needs a digital pick-me-up, then Google Chrome and its many extensions can definitely deliver the boost you're looking for.

Whether it's an extension that helps you better handle your email contacts of one that streamlines your business computing, Google Chrome has a solution.

As the following article shows, here are 7 killer Google Chrome extensions for your business:

1. Shoeboxed

Keeping track of receipts and bills is a pretty big challenge when running your own small business, which is unless you have Shoeboxed. The Shoeboxed extension allows you to snap photos of your financial documents with your smartphone and file them accordingly. When you're ready to access your documents, simply search the receipt or bill by category. Shoeboxed really takes the work out of paperwork.

2. Remote Desktop

Whether you're out of the office or out of the country, Chrome's Remote Desktop makes it possible to access your home or office computer from anywhere. Remote Desktop gives you full access of your desktop programs and files from your laptop or mobile device.

3. Mail Checker

Running a small business comes with its fair share of daily emails. Instead of accessing your inbox every time you want to check your emails, the Google Mail Checker places an email notification tracker in your browser or on your desktop. Anytime you have unread messages, you'll know immediately instead of wasting time checking for emails that aren't there.

4. Website Blocker

The internet is an extremely helpful tool for your small business, but it can also become a huge distraction if you aren't careful. With Chrome's Website Blocker extension, you can block access to distracting websites on your office computers. You can either block them completely or for a specified period of time, which allows your employees to still enjoy their favorite sites during their lunch break.

5. Smartsheet

Spreadsheets make the business world go around, so it's no wonder the Smartsheet extension is popping up in offices everywhere. Smartsheet is an intuitive project manager that allows you to plan out your work day based on assignment dates, completion statuses, and project priorities. It's also sharable, so everyone in the office can literally stay on the same page.

6. AdBlock

If you use the internet to run your small business or you regularly browse the web for research purposes, then you need AdBlock. The AdBlock extension automatically blocks those pesky, time-wasting website banner ads and texts ads that plague your internet experience. Google's AdBlock works with Chrome of course, as well as Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

7. Business Hangouts

Videoconferencing is the future of business and, even though the technology has been around for a while, it's improving by leaps and bounds. One of those videoconferencing leaps is Google's Business Hangouts, which allows anyone with a computer and an account to join the conference. Business Hangouts also has a registration feature that lets attendees check in to the conference before it begins.

When it comes to optimizing your small business, let the Google Chrome extensions above extend a helping hand.