Infographic: How to Build Customers' Trust and Boost Online Sales

Recent marketing studies gathered by PayPal revealed that 88% of people buying online abandoned their shopping cart at least once. The total revenue lost worldwide because of that is 4$ Trillion! Moreover, 49% of Americans declared they buy in UK online shops while 39% made purchases in Chinese e-commerce sites. In addition to heavy losses caused by the cart abandonment issue American online stores also lose clients to competitors from overseas.

However, careful analysis of online marketing studies show that businesses can adopt a few simple solutions that will allow them to boost their sales, including adding trust marks to the checkout process, improving page loading time and reducing shipping costs.  gathered more interesting facts on factors that build customers’ trust and improve online sales and created an infographic that makes it really easy for your readers to digest.

How to increase sales: the role of trust seals in customer acquisition

Made available by: Author: Alex Hillsberg