Bringing Better Marketing Home

Marketing isn't always top of the list for home renovation companies - but it should be.

As with any other business, marketing should be a vital part of any home renovation company's plan for now and the future.

Marketing helps keep a home renovation company strong, bringing in new business by making sure customers know why they're the right choice for their home renovation project.

So why does marketing matter for home renovation companies and what are some of the ways in which companies today are making the most of it?

Home Renovation Companies Need Marketing Tools

Home renovation companies need to attract new customers, and build up good relationships with their existing ones.

Marketing is an important way to do just that. Running a marketing campaign helps a home renovation company to promote their brand and make sure that when local customers need a better kitchen or a more attractive deck, their name is the one that gets found.

The internet makes it easier than ever for home renovation companies to reach out to their customers.

As the article "Which Tools Will I Need for Home Inspections" points out, getting the right tool kit together for such a business is an absolute must.

The same is true of marketing - a strong marketing tool kit will help any home renovation company raise their profile, and their profits.

Keeping in Touch with Customers on the Go

Most customers these days are mobile. For home renovation companies, that means mobile marketing matters.

From allowing customers to request a call back on their mobile phone, to keeping their websites optimized for viewing on all devices, an awareness of mobile marketing is a must.

Lee Company, a company in Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee, has got mobile marketing just right with their very own mobile app.

Customers can use the app to stay on track on the go, with the calendar feature sending out reminders to schedule maintenance or service appointments. The app also keeps customers up to date on specials, tips and the latest news, keeping Lee Company in their customers' pockets at all times.

Establishing Expert Status

Offering valuable content is an effective form of marketing.

Home renovation companies can use strong content to establish themselves as experts in what they do, which helps to build trust with customers.

Content such as YouTube videos or articles on home improvement will not only grab customers' attention and keep them engaged with the business, but will make it clear that the business knows its stuff.

Marrokal, a home renovations company in San Diego uses YouTube to establish itself as the go-to expert for local home renovations.

Customers have access to a range of well-organized videos, including customer testimonials, project tours, the latest remodeling news, and handy hints and tips such as how to choose the right remodeling company.

Staying up to Date with Social Media

Social media marketing is a must for businesses these days.

Customers are on social media looking to connect with businesses and get the help they need, so it's vital that businesses be there ready to meet them.

By using social media, home renovation companies can stay in touch with customers by offering fresh updates, starting a conversation with their customers, and using their brand voice to build a rapport.

Incredible Renovations of Houston makes the most of Facebook to connect with its 2,000-plus followers. As well as showcasing their work, they regularly share helpful articles, home design inspiration, and staff profiles to help customers get to know them.

Embracing marketing, especially online and mobile marketing, helps home renovation companies to build a strong foundation for their future success.