Google Chrome Extensions Mean Business

If you are looking for some ways to enhance your small business, think about Google Chrome extensions.

There are lots of benefits to incorporating these, and it can make a big difference in lots of ways by offering extra information regarding your business on ads to making you and your employees more efficient.

You can choose manual or automated extensions depending on your needs and you know how.

Find the Right Tools to Enhance Business

As the following article looks at, here's an overview of 7 Killer Google Chrome Extensions for your business:

  1. Boomerang for Gmail - A great tool for promoting efficiency and convenience. You can pen an email and set it up to send whenever you need it to go. So if you have time on Thursday to write an email you'd like someone to get on Monday morning, Boomerang is there to send it when you need it to go and want it be read. You can also resend yourself emails timed for whenever you want to revisit them.

  2. Chrome Remote Desktop - This is a really easy way to control another's desktop through the browser extension. It's great for remote meetings, tech support and setting anything up. You can even work through it on mobile devices.

  3. Google Hangouts - This is a chat feature through Google+ and Gmail. You can set it up to be on whatever page you're on and you can also set it to receive voice mail.

  4. Ginger - Grammar and Spell Checker - Though this one costs a small amount, it may be worth it to you. It adds advanced spelling and grammar check to your Gmail, Facebook and other programs. You don't want grammatical or spelling mistakes showing up on your social media because you missed them. This extension will catch them for you.

  5. StayFocused - This extension will help you and your employees be more productive. You set it to cut you off of whatever site you're spending too much time on. If you go over you're allotted time, say on Facebook, you can't get back on for the rest of the day. Think of all the hours your business may get back!

  6. Shareaholic for Google Chrome - This is a must have for any one doing social media, and that should be anyone with a business, no matter the size. With a drop down menu, you can post directly to a number or social media sites with just this one extension.

  7. Session Buddy - When you have too many tabs open, you often are asking for trouble, from a crash or just your own disorganization. Session Buddy helps organize and help you see them all. It also is great for recovery if a crash happens.

These are only a few of the greats from the multitude of Google Chrome Extensions. From helping your social media endeavors, your organization and efficiency, your productivity and meetings, Chrome Extensions just about cover it all.

Check them out, see what you love, let us know!