Explode Your Traffic with Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are a type of social media site where you join up with other online business owners to share content, information and ideas.  These communities can help you build massive traffic to your site and increase your business success.

You can benefit from these communities in the following ways:

1. Get High Quality Backlinks – By sharing your articles and blog posts with the community you are also getting quality backlinks to your site which in turn will raise your ranking and standing in the search engines.

2. Expand Your Network – Joining and participating in social communities such as blogging communities will enable you to meet a lot of people and expand your networking circles.

3. Substantially Increase Your Traffic – Everything you do amongst these communities will help increase your traffic.  The more you share, contribute and engage with others, the more traffic you will receive.

4. Build a Following – By sharing your knowledge and expertise on particular subjects, you can increase your following and help build a more substantial email list from which your business and your potential customers will benefit.  

5. Learn from Other Professionals – Not only you can offer information and advice, but you can also learn from other members of the group.   With business we must always be learning and within a community of additional business owners, we could learn a lot.  Don’t be hesitant to ask others for their expertise.

6. Make Connections – Meet business owners from which you could share mutual benefits.  Help each other to promote and grow and form solid relationships.  Participate in joint ventures and encourage others to as well. Cross-promotions can be exceptionally beneficial to both sides.  

7. New Ideas – Get fresh perspectives and new ideas from other members of the community.

8. Increase Your DA (Domain Authority) - Your DA measures the power and influence of your domain and is one of the more crucial factors in search engine ranking.  Your DA is based on age, popularity and size.  Quality linkable content is one of the best ways to build your DA and blogging communities are a very effective way to get more quality backlinks.  Share as much content as you can and show the true power of your DA.

Some of the blogging communities are free but others have member fees.  Below is a list of some of the better free blogging communities.

1. BizSugar – One of the oldest and top communities for sharing content and making connections.  Share business articles, videos and other content.

2. FuelMyBlog – Forums, access to new readers, fresh conversation, fun and more.  You even get the chance to test products and win prizes.

3. Blogster – Join groups, create your own group, network and share your knowledge.

4. DoSplash – Provides promotion, exposure, backlinks and more for community members.

5. Bloggeries – Forum, directory, reviews and more to help you get more exposure and traffic for your blog.

So, if you are not yet taking part in these blogging communities be sure to start today.  Start by joining a few and increase your repertoire as you get more accustomed to being a part of these helpful societies.