Run the Gamut with Marketing a New Business

Marketing a business is essential to its success. However, it only works when you know the correct strategies to employ.

For example, some businesses have better success with traditional marketing while others benefit from using the newest trend.

If you are starting a new massage therapy business, you need to know what types of marketing work best to help you reach your customers.


Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing in the form of print or televised advertisements still have their place.

If you have an older clientele, they may respond to the tried and true advertising methods you use. You can still target your audience by placing these ads where they are most likely to see them.

For example, a print ad in a business publication will get the attention of business clients while an ad in a retirement publication will be noticed by retirees.


Since this form of marketing is the most expensive, you want to make it count.

Know your clientele and where you are most likely to get their attention.


Social Media

People of all ages, income levels and demographics are on social media.

You can easily generate more attention by adding social networking to your marketing plan. However, you must know where your target audience spends their time on social media.

You may assume everyone is on Facebook, but do you know that for sure?

Pinterest has a higher female audience than male. LinkedIn will appeal to businesses and professionals.

Do your research and know where your audience is spending their time.


Mobile Marketing

People are on the go today, and more of them are carrying portable devices. What this means is that your website had better be mobile friendly.

Since people are more likely to do their research on a portable device while they are out, you want your site to be easy to see and use on these devices.

As the article, “8 Tips for Starting a Massage Therapy Business” states, having a good website is essential for today's businesses.

You can also utilize this trend with mobile marketing, especially with text messages.

Send out special offers to those who have given you permission to send messages, but target them specifically in your messages.





Use Video

Video captures people's attention and results in more shares than written content. Find ways to use it in your business.

Introduce your business and yourself through video. Highlight massage techniques or show the benefits of massage in a video.

While you want to develop a strategy based on what is most effective in reaching your clients, you can use the opportunity to combine methods of marketing to create a more successful campaign.

Internet marketing is more affordable, can be more targeted and will yield higher results when done correctly.

Don't be afraid to try different approaches to develop awareness of your brand and to allow people to get to know your new business.