What Can You Do To Be The Most Memorable Company At A Trade Show?

Recent research shows that over 80 percent of trade show attendees are empowered to buy products or services. Therefore, having a memorable company at a trade show is important for success. Here are six ways to improve your company’s image and trade show effectiveness.

Be Prepared

Avoid attending a trade show without proper client preparation. That is, be sure to thoroughly contact all possible leads a month in advance. Social media is an excellent method for reaching out to potential business leads. If possible, try to set up appointments before the actual even. A trade show booth that is consistently engaged with clients appear credible and popular to onlookers.

Be Assertive, not Aggressive

Trade show staff will be understandably under pressure to perform and reach quotas. However, staff should be expected to be courteous, but also direct and engaging. In fact, some trade show staff still rely on old-fashioned sales techniques, such as disqualifying leads in order to qualify them. However, sales communication should be informative, friendly and free of pressure.

Sell your Industry

Sometimes trade show staff solely focuses on aggressive sales pitches about very specific products. However, this approach is sure to lose the interest of many onlookers. Instead, focus on creating quality, useful content that promotes both your industry and your product. If possible, focus on how your industry’s products or services can help with common problems.

Free Gifts

Nobody can resist free gifts and swag. Be sure to not just have small complementary items, such as pens and notepads, but also hats, tote bags and coffee mugs. However, be creative and offer fun items such as Frisbees, candy and mystery gift bags. Offering someone a free gift is an excellent opportunity to transition into an informal sales pitch.

Create a Unique Atmosphere

Avoid simply relying on a bland table and banner. Instead, create a distinct atmosphere that not only highlights your products or services, but also tells your company’s story. Consider using thematic music, personalized decorations and unique, artistic marketing materials.

Professional Training

Consider providing employees with professional training. For example, a motivational business coach is a great way to inspire innovation and improve employee engagement skills. A motivational coach will be able to teach employees helpful tools for improving their presentation skills.


In the end, there are many proven ways of improving your presentation at a trade show. By taking necessary steps and being prepared, you can be more successful at trade shows.


Informational credit to noahstjohn.com.