List Of Conversion Focused Word Press Themes

Do you want to improve your website’s efficiency at drawing in customers? Then try converting your website into a landing page that can draw in customers. How do you do that?

There are specially designed themes which ensure that most of the landings on your webpage are converted into meaningful transitions. These kinds of websites are especially useful for websites involved in marketing and selling as well as those which are using content marketing to promote their businesses and selling. If you are interested in purchasing and using such a theme for making your business more successful, do check out these conversion focussed WordPress themes. Why WordPress? Because it is the most widely used blogging and website platform in the worlds and has an enthusiastic community of developers. WordPress is not just a blogging website for many; rather it has developed into a primary CMS for many professional website developers.

Thrive themes

This is a set of professional, conversion-enabled WordPress Theme.  They are useful for businesses, marketing and content selling websites. Their basic features: they do not have fancy side effects and image sliders. They have: professional looking designs that can be used to create websites that are easy to use and load really fast; they are capable of achieving high conversions. They are built for speed and hence have automated image compression properties as well as require lightweight code. In addition, greater than 600 font colours and custom colours for different page elements are available. This set includes themes such as Storied, Pressive, Performag, Voice and Squared.


This is a landing page from Themify. It is designed to be conversion responsive. This theme can be used to create landing pages using a drag and drop feature which can help designers create a landing page according to specifications. Some of the interesting features include the availability of different header options- You can create a different page with different headers. 23 pre-designed layouts are included to provide a variety of choices for the landing page. These layouts are configured for a wide variety of purposes including events, shops, weddings, services etc.

Optimize Press 2.0

This is a very popular WordPress based theme which can be used to set up responsive conversion-able landing pages, sales and squeeze pages as well as membership pages, webinar pages and other kind of pages. It is available in a plugin form so that it becomes easy for you to change your theme, without much hassle. Other features of this theme includes: options to create launch funnels, create membership portals, more than thirty different templates are available, and greater than 40 custom elements.


If you are in the mood for elegant, customised and convertible landing pages, then convertible maybe the one for you. What makes this attractive is that it comes with an easy to use drag and drop page builder. There are six unique colour combinations which can be used to create varying kinds of landing pages. Image slider, buttons, list options are all provided.

Willow Pillow

It is a great theme to be used by those in the business of selling online furniture and home decor services. The landing page makes use of wide hero images and call to action buttons; these are placed above the product categories on the homepage for quick buys. It is compatible with WooCommerce applications, very responsive to changes,. The cody is very clear cut; this enables efficient functions.


This is another theme which is flexible and provides many options for many kinds of landing pages. There are additional predesigned landing pages, parallax pages options provided too. Image sliders can be used. It is very responsive.


This is another WordPress based theme. It is a landing page for apps built with bootstrap 2.2. It has a very responsive layout and is an ideal choice for websites which need to be optimised for mobiles. It has mail chimp support for managing emails and this makes it a great conversion responsive theme as the numbers of e-mails obtained are a very useful conversion metric. It has another version, which is referred to as “coming soon” version. This can be used to launch your website even before it is fully configured and enabled so that you do not need to lose the time for reaching out to target audience. Each version comes with eight widgets and there are plenty of options for each version.


This is one very useful and conversion ready ecommerce compatible WordPress theme. The theme is great because all the crucial information is squeezed into the header. A very interesting visual is placed in a spot above the fold using a rotator. The rotator is a very important part of the website as it is used to direct the user to a landing page or it can be used as an area for converting the user in some other way. It is compatible with WooCommerce and thus, the theme serves not only as a conversion-responsive landing page but also serves as an e-commerce site.


This is a very interesting WordPress theme which can be used both for personal blogs as well as for building your e-commerce enabled business blog. It is exceptionally elegant and bold in design and yet it is trendy. It is bound to capture the attention of the old and the young. There are no irrelevant slideshows and animations uses- everything is neat and clean, the information is presented in a minimal fashion. There is provision for social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Different combinations of home pages are possible- the designer can pick and choose between the different blocks in the theme’s options. It is responsive and can be used with great effect on mobile devices. It is retina compatible. It has a feature based on WooCommerce which makes it an even greater conversion-ready theme.


This is a very clean and simple theme and just the right kind of theme which can draw in conversions. It is simple, easy to use and devoid of unnecessary frills.