Make Sure You Aren’t Going Wrong With Your E-Mail Marketing Techniques

Though it cannot exactly be pointed out as to when e-mail marketing gained such unprecedented traction, it can well be said that it existed well before social media marketing actually did. As such, there is no reason to believe that the importance of e-mail marketing (as a part of the holistic marketing strategies) has diminished with the plethora of tweets, status updates and pins your users are exposed to every day. In fact, the inbox is often regarded (by some) as the place of solitude amidst the clamor. So, entrepreneurs, should, in fact, be more eager to acquaint themselves with the tips and tricks of e-mail marketing.

Bolstering your e-mail marketing techniques: A few ways to do it

Your digital marketing objectives are shaped by variant factors during different periods of time. An e-mail subject which had excited your audience for a certain period of time might as well cease to do the same simply because it has become repetitive. We’re almost at the end of 2015 and now is the time to strategize your e-mail marketing campaign for 2016. Where do you see yourself next year? Make sure you are tracking the kind of improvement registered by your company when it comes to click through rates, landing page conversion rates, list growth etc. If weren’t tracking the impact of your e-mail marketing strategies all this time, then you were actually making a major mistake. Do know for a fact that there are effective online tools that can help you track the progress. Educate yourself about these tools and pick the best one among them.

Are your e-mails mobile friendly?

Once you are able to chalk out your goals then make sure you’re adopting your strategies in accordance. A digital marketing company should actually look forward to beefing up strategies in compliance with your redefined goals. For instance, if you want to see increased leads this year, you must ensure that you’re significantly prioritizing mobile devices. More than 70% of your prospects are likely to access your e-mails via tablets and mobile phones. If your mails do not really open on mobile devices and tablets then you’re likely to frustrate your customers even at the risk of losing them. Embrace the dynamic display technology, which automatically helps resize the content and text in accordance with the size of the screen of the device used by customers.

Customizing your e-mails

Bolster your email marketing strategy by customizing your content as per customers’ personal tastes. For instance, if you’re an e-commerce store selling dresses and accessories and have actually tracked the buying behavior of a regular buyer, then make sure you’re customizing e-content in accordance. For instance, if there’s one of your customers, who loves to invest in a lot of pinks then make sure that you are highlighting the point when you are e-mailing to her. You can start your e-mail (or newsletter) with e-mail with something like this: “We’ve observed that you love pinks… it’s raining pinks here…” Just think about how special your customer would feel!