Take Autumn By Storm with SMS Marketing

If your business takes part in SMS marketing, then autumn is the perfect time to optimize your text campaigns.

Whether you focus on the holidays or the changing of the seasons, SMS and autumn go hand-in-hand.

Here are a handful of ways you can put your SMS marketing in the spotlight during autumn and beyond:


First Things First: Study Customer Data from Past Holidays

Before you unleash your next autumn and holiday-inspired SMS marketing campaign, it's important to first study up on past customer shopping behaviors. This is especially the case when it comes to the holiday season.

Although your customers may be pretty consistent with their purchases throughout the year, the holidays are a difference story.

Whether you were using SMS marketing in previous years or more traditional marketing methods, your customers' holiday purchase histories can give you plenty of insight for this autumn's campaigning.

By studying purchases, click-through behaviors, and other shopping behaviors, you can better predict what your customers will want this coming season.

You can use that information to segment and optimize you SMS marketing efforts.


Think Holiday Sales

When it comes to the holidays, everybody has a similar mindset: gift shopping.

As the following article looks at, that's why putting special sales in the spotlight is included in the 4 seasonal SMS marketing ideas for autumn and the holidays.

Whether your business offers products or services, everyone likes a Black Friday or pre-Christmas sale.

With SMS marketing, you can promote your sales directly to your customers' smart phones and mobile devices.

This is incredibly convenient for those customers who are already in the middle of their autumn shopping spree.


Market Seasonal Merchandise

If your brand applies, then it's always wise to promote seasonal merchandise via your SMS marketing campaigns. Holiday-themed products and services will definitely grab the attention of your customers.

However, if you're marketing an all-season brand that doesn't coincide with a specific holiday, you can still use SMS marketing effectively during autumn.

For example, you can send SMS messages that remind your customers about the upcoming holidays.

Or, you can even offer free gift-wrapping for those customers who take advantage of your mobile campaigning.



Send Plenty of Reminders

As mentioned before, you can use SMS to remind your customers of upcoming autumn and winter holiday dates.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hanukkah and Christmas, sending friendly SMS reminders will encourage your customers to take advantage of your business's holiday sales.

You can also use SMS marketing to remind your customers about upcoming sale deadlines.

Autumn and the holidays are a hectic time and by sending your customers consistent reminders, you'll ensure that your business and its sales are on your audience's mobile radars.


Focus on Timing

If your business holds exclusive sales during the holidays, then you should put some thought into the timing behind your SMS marketing campaigns.

For example, sending a Black Friday marketing text too late will decrease the number of participants.

Similarly, sending holiday sale reminders too soon will increase the chances of your SMS campaigns getting lost in the shuffle.

By focusing your SMS marketing and promotions a week or so before the start of your autumn sales; you'll keep participation numbers up.

When you're ready to increase your autumn sales, let SMS marketing help.