Marketing the Right Way to Transfer and Send Funds

Whether you're in the finance industry or you're part of the growing mobile banking industry, spreading the word about your services is key.

This is especially the case when it comes to transferring and sending money.

Here are just a few ways you can market your brand and its fund transferring services:

Explain the Different Fund Transferring Options

A large part of marketing any service is educating customers on how that service works.

Such is the case when marketing your money sending and transferring services. You should definitely explain the exact service you offer, but it's also helpful to explain the other services available.

By doing so, your customers can make their own pros and cons list and compare services side-by-side.

From cash transfers to money orders to banks transfers and online money transfers, explaining the different money transfer services available will give your customers a working knowledge of your industry.

Promote Mobile Banking

If your brand offers mobile banking, then it's important to market this fast-growing service to the masses.

Although mobile banking and app-based money transfers are still in the infancy stage, there's no doubt they will be commonplace in the near future.

Mentioning the fact that mobile banking allows customers to send and accept funds on their smartphones from anywhere proves to be a huge selling point.

As the following article looks at, aside from the convenience of transferring money on a mobile level, most mobile banking services also come with a traditional debit card that's linked to the banking app, so be sure to mention this as well.

Describe Security Features

When it comes to finance, consumers want to know their money is safe and secure.

Whether you offer traditional money sending and transfer services or mobile money transfers, it's important to describe the security features available with each option.

For example, if you're promoting your mobile banking brand, then you can mention the fact that your customers' financial information is stored on their smart phone, which is password-protected and can be deleted remotely in the event of theft.

Or, if you're promoting traditional services such as online money transfers, you can mention the security benefits of logging into an encrypted website to handle fund transfers.

No matter which service you provide, it's wise to state the fact that money orders, online bank transfers, and mobile money are always safer than carrying around cash and credit cards.

Explain Peer-to-Peer Transfers

There's a good chance that not everyone you're marketing to knows how sending money on a peer-to-peer level works.

So, if you offer this service, make sure you describe a few scenarios where the peer-to-peer money transfer service might be applicable.

For example, you might describe how customers can use peer-to-peer money transfers to split the bill at a restaurant by sending funds to a friend via a mobile banking app.

Again, the more educated your customers are, the more inclined they'll be to take part in what you have to offer.

Put Convenience in the Spotlight

Above all else, make sure you put convenience in the spotlight no matter what type of money sending or money transfer service you provide. Besides, convenience goes a long way with consumers, especially when it comes to handling their finances.

When you're ready to increase customer outreach with your money transferring services, keep in mind the marketing pointers above and put your brand on the map.