Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: The heart of content marketing

As now 2015 is over we are set to 2016, it’s changing into clear that the terms “content marketing” and “social media marketing” area unit nearly synonymous . Whereas content promoting definitely exists outside of social media, brands will now not run effective content promoting campaigns while not as well as widespread networking sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Social should be comprehensive

Before we have a tendency to probe some platform-specific ideas, it’s vital to recollect that social media needs a full-fledged effort from content marketers. It can’t be one thing that you just simply read within the context of the net. If you’re attending to grow your presence and maximize your content promoting strategy, you want to concentrate on social in everything.

Whether it’s offline or online, you wish to emphasise the importance of driving ends up in these platforms. Tell individuals at networking events to feature you on LinkedIn. Everything you are doing has to revolve around driving individuals to your social platforms. Otherwise, your content promoting efforts would get waste


For content marketers, Instagram is puzzling. That’s as a result of most content marketers aren’t super savvy at visual content selling. This is often on the brink of amendment, though. The trade is clearly heading within the direction of a lot of visual content and fewer text-based content, which suggests you wish to check what fortunate brands do on Instagram and different similar social platforms.

Ultimately, content marketing on social paltform like Instagram is all concerning storytelling. However are you able to tell a story while not mistreatment words? What pictures does one have to be compelled to convey your message? It’s actually AN sort, however one that fortunate content marketers can have to be compelled to hone within the coming month and years.


“Facebook may be a personalised newspaper,” According to Somboonsiri words.  If you would like to achieve the trendy client, you wish to place your content in his newsfeed. whereas there’s definitely worth to be extracted from content that’s distributed severally of Facebook, it’s changing into clear that Facebook shares give a solid and property foundation.

As Roxanne Somboonsiri, world business manager for Facebook APAC, mentions, social media has evolved from its humble beginnings.  It’s now not an area for merely connecting with friends

Posts with but 250 characters see roughly sixty % additional engagement than those with additional characters. It’s okay to link to longer diary posts, however keep the length of the content and calls-to-action you post to a minimum. While Facebook will not have the character limitations that Twitter does, you continue to don’t wish to overwhelm users with long-form content.


The key to fortunate content selling on Twitter is sharing pictures.  Pictures increase retweets by a hundred and fifty p.c and ar far more effective at grabbing a user’s attention. In fact, it’s not uncommon for users to fully drop a tweet if it doesn’t contain a picture.

When following a Twitter content marketing prepration,  it’s a decent plan to take a position some time and resources into robust image choice. You don’t essentially wish to let pictures guide your content, however it might be unwise to appear at these 2 aspects severally.


At the terribly heart of content selling is social media. If you wish your ways to be complete, specializing in effective distribution and traffic generation could be a sensible place to start out. These 2 aspects of content selling will assist you to maximise your returns and expose your whole to a bigger market of shoppers.