Know How Drupal Makes SEO Easy – The Best Content Management System

Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS). There are many types of CMS available in the market but Drupal is the most used one. It is known for its easy navigation and unique features. It is mostly preferred by the web developers and web designers. It makes a website user friendly and supports Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Why should you use Drupal?

Drupal is one of the most downloaded open source website builders, in comparison with Wordpress and Joomla. Since the release of its first version, it has gained immense popularity among its users, for its flexibility and easy e-commerce facilities. It is being continuously maintained and developed by millions of software engineers and developers, at the back end.

Drupal uses different sets of modules. These modules are used to organize and display the content, properly. Additionally, you can also customize the appearances and carry our routine tasks. Since it is open source software, it is free to download. You can also share it with others. As a result, your web productivity increases manifold.

Types of sites where Drupal framework can be used:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Different types of portals and forums
  • Intranets
  • Any social networking sites

How Drupal makes SEO easy?

With so many benefits, Drupal can be a very useful tool to start your own website. The installation is quick and dynamic. However, it is necessary to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities for Drupal websites.

SEO for Drupal web framework is quick and effective due to the available SEO modules and plug-ins. These plug-ins are developed by programming engineers. They constantly update these modules from time to time. Even the module support community is very strong and active. You will get 24*7 assistance from a technician.

Listed below are the most important Drupal SEO modules:

SEO Checklist Module

This module is the most downloaded one. It delivers a checklist of great SEO best practices for Drupal. Moreover, it keeps the track of what is required and at what point of time. The best part is it comes along with the website framework. You have to navigate through the backend framework and install the unchecked ones. Once you have done it, you are good to go!

Bulk email module

This module is newly launched and already it has got a lot of appreciation from the users. For example, you have to mail a newsletter to your customer, just fill in the customer data at the backend. After you have feed the data, this module will keep sending emails, to the updated customer list, at set intervals. However, you cannot filter the customer preferences. To reach potential customers, you can take the target marketing services from bulk email marketing services in Mumbai


Pathauto is a very important module as it generates text-based URLs for the website. As a result it makes the website more reachable and readable to the users. It also carries short tail and long tail keywords from the title.

Additionally, it also gives a new look to the front end of the web framework. Not only creation of paths for the definite content but also it assembles and segregates the paths, according to its relevance.

Global Redirect Module

This module is the most preferred by the e-commerce and the blog users. It duplicates the content and redirects it to a definite authoritative module. With this module, you can also successfully create back links.

Any individual or business firm who are looking for good web design with lot of functionalities should go for Drupal. You can also take the help of ethical SEO companies to help you out with web design, development, and SEO.