Mistakes To Avoid In Instagram By The Social Media Marketers

Instagram is a platform that has very quickly spread to a large number of users. Starting from the personal profile, to the launch of several new businesses and products, this photo based platform has really become popular. Here are some of the mistakes to be avoided by the social media managers while using Instagram:

Not Engaged With Others: Engagement with other users is very important and you will be in a wrong side if you avoid them. This is not a kind off app where you can post and just forget. Try discovering different other pages and engage with other followers. Though you should not start commenting and liking every post you go through, but stop by, like and comment where it is appropriate. Make sure that you are responding to the questions or the comments posted in your picture by some other users.

Under Post Or Over Post:  You must acquire skills to understand the right amount of posting. Under posting or even over posting can provide adverse effects in the marketing process. If you are posting very often, the users may consider your profile as a spam and will not go forward to become your followers. On the other hand, if you are not posting enough, people may think that you are neglecting your account and are lazy to post content. Try to keep the following points in mind before posting your next picture :

l  Consider evergreen photos which are not at all time sensitive in nature. Make sure your photos can be enjoyed even after a long period of time.

l  Try to be consistent while posting the photos. It is not advisable to post ten photos in a row after providing a gap of one week. You can schedule your posts with the app and the posting calendar. Instagram likes can only be increased if you are posting the content in a consistent manner.

l  You can follow the popular accounts and check which kind of pictures they are posting.

No Link In Bio:  This is another very common mistake done by the social media marketers. The bio is the only place in the Instagram, where you can place the hyperlink. So you will miss out huge opportunities if you miss out placing the link in the bio. The audience can also get connected with your website without any effort, if you put the link in your bio.

Misuse Of Hashtag :  Hash tags are definitely powerful in Instagram but many marketers tend to misuse them , resulting in the negative effects. The primary objective of the hash tag is to allow the users to find the topics of their interest easily. But if you are using a huge number of irrelevant hash tags, you are actually spamming your posts. This will devalue your account by losing all its credibility. On the other hand, if you possess quality content but not using the relevant hash tags , you are missing out huge opportunities.

Low Quality Images :  As the Instagram is a visual tool , using low quality images will not be a wise thing to do. Make sure you

l  Take a huge number of quality photos for a single subject. This will help you in selecting the best shot amongst them.

l  Edit according to your preference but never overdo it.

While posting photos, the social media managers should remember to maintain a consistency and maintain a fixed style. Make sure that you are posting the content which will be visually appealing to your audience. You should not be overly promotional and should not appear spammy to your audience to get the best results.