Internet Security Getting Plenty of Marketing Attention

When in charge of a business, you find yourself with myriad of responsibilities on a daily basis.

One important responsibility, though it oftentimes will get lost in all of the shuffle, Internet security.

As a business owner with an online presence, you automatically become a target the day your website goes live.

Fair or unfair, that reality means business owners with online footprints need to make sure they are doing everything in their power to avoid becoming the next brand to suffer a data breach.

That said business owners are wise to read any and all marketing material, social media posts etc. that come across their desks regarding the dangers of identity theft.

In the end, the time spent learning about such a growing problem could mean the difference between being free of the problem and becoming a victim.


Marketers Making Inroads Advising Companies on Safety

For marketers (especially those working with Internet safety providers of different kinds), there are a number of ways to get the message out without coming across as too pushy.

Among the ways:

  • Blogs – One of the best and most trafficked ways to spread the message of Internet safety, blog posts can really bring the problem home for many business owners. If you are marketing a specific security software program to recommend to business owners or marketing Internet security in general, having stellar online content goes a long way. Keep the blog posts relatively short (many readers have limited attention spans), hit home on why a certain Internet security product or service is better than the others out there, and note the importance of businesses staying protected in today’s Internet-driven world. You should also end your blog posts with a call to action, hopefully encouraging business owners to want to learn more about a specific security product or service;

  • Videos – What better way is there to demonstrate a product or service than by giving potential customers a first-hand showing? In your quest to market Internet security, showing the negative fallout from a single business data breach can be quite powerful. The crime of identity theft is oftentimes looked at as a silent crime, simply because it typically does not involve someone breaking into a home or business at gunpoint etc. What online criminals end up doing, however, is just as powerful if not more. By stealing the identity of business owners, their employees, perhaps some of their customers, I.D. theft criminals can cause major havoc. Demonstrate this in a short video (3 to 5 minutes will typically work).Once many business owners see this, they are more apt to make sure they are doing all they can to protect not only the personal financial information of their businesses, but also of their customers;

  • Social media – Turning to social networks will open up a number of opportunities for you. Given the fact millions and millions of consumers are on social networking sites on a daily basis, you can connect with not only business owners, but also your regular consumer. He or she may be worried about I.D. theft, yet not quite know how to go about protecting themselves. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or a number of other sites, you can drive home the importance of always staying a step ahead of identity theft thieves. Social media also allows you to engage with various users, some of whom are likely willing to share your social posts with their friends and family members.


Whether you market via blog posts, videos, social media, or any number of other promotional vehicles, driving home the dangers of identity theft is literally a never-ending job.

As a professional marketer or one doing the marketing for an identity theft protection business, make sure you spread your message as far as possible.

In doing so; you open up the doors to more potential business.

Some products and/or services are hard to market just by the very nature of their descriptions.

When it comes to marketing Internet security, just about everyone understands the importance of it, allowing you to market over and over again.