Are you New to the New Divi Theme for Wordpress? This Article is for you

Wordpress is a well-known Content Management System (CMS). You can use it to build and manage a website or an online portal. One of the features available on this CMS is themes. They are templates that you can use to construct your websites more easily. There are many types of themes that you can use. One of the premium ones is the Divi theme.

What is the Divi theme?

This is a multi-purpose theme that you can use in Wordpress. It has very many options for customization as well as a powerful Divi website builder. The theme comes with ready-made layouts for you to use in constructing your website. In addition to that, there are many other useful editing features that make it easy for you to build a website for any purpose. Want to know more about the Divi Wordpress theme, read on.

High levels of security

One of the main factors on the Internet today is web security. Hackers are well known for their ability to crash websites and cause significant losses to the owners of the sites. The DiviWordpress theme is a fully secure theme. The Divi development team partnered with a security professional group known as Sucuri. They cooperated to ensure that this theme does not have any weaknesses. Therefore, you can use it to create a strategically important website without worrying about data breaches.

Support for multiple languages

The Internet has connected us in such a way that we live in a global village. It is important to have your website support multiple languages. In this way, you can accommodate people from various backgrounds. The Divi theme allows you to translate your website into a whopping 32 different languages. The theme is designed such that the translation is conducted in the back and the front end. Moreover, Divi has complete support for RTL.

All about its settings

One of the outstanding features of thediviwordpress theme is that it has multiple customization settings that are intuitive. In this way, you can customize it in such a way that it responds exactly as you desire. The settings for customization are found by navigating to the Wordpress dashboard, clicking on 'Divi' and then 'Theme Options'.

There are a number of sections in this options area. They include:

  • SEO
  • Navigation
  • General settings
  • Layout settings

By manipulating these sections, you can easily change the appearance of your website in such a way that it looks as you wish it to appear.

The Divi theme allows you to customize the elements in your website. By adjusting their appearance, you can establish your brand image across every page in your website. To customize them, simply navigate from 'Divi' to the 'Module Customizer'. In this page, you can find a collection of the elements that are available in Divi. When you click on these elements, they will display their options for you and you can customize them.

Save your customized modules

While in the Divi menu, the sub-menu at the bottom is known as the 'Divi Library'. This menu option displays all your customized modules. You can pick one out and use it again if you so wish. Moreover, you can change, update or delete the modules that are stored here.

A special theme customizer

The Divi theme allows you to adjust and customize the elements in your website as much as you want. It is also dynamic. This means that it will look elegant in any device that you have. It is fully responsive. Therefore, you can resize it in any way you desire and it will not lose its sharpness. The theme allows you to customize the elements of your webpage. However, you can also adjust and customize the theme itself. How is this possible? Simply navigate from the main Wordpress dashboard and click on 'Divi'. From there, click on the 'Theme Customizer' button. This will open a host of settings that you can use to customize the theme in any way you want.

What is contained in the theme customizer?

This customizer helps you to adjust the overall look of your website theme. Many of the dimensions of the Divi theme can be adjusted. You can do this by determining the numeric values of these dimensions. The developers of the theme included a helpful slider to help you adjust them. Simply move the slider circle from left to right and back so as to change these dimensions.

The updates are live. This means that you can see the changes being applied in the Divi theme as you make them. Should you make multiple changes and decide that the original appearance was okay, simply hit the reset button in the theme customizer. There is a section in this customizer that allows you to adjust the appearance of your website in mobile devices. It also has intuitive sliders and buttons that you can use to create an ideal mobile view of your website. This feature makes it so easy to use the Divi theme.

Decorate your website backgrounds too

When a website has an interesting background, visitors will stay longer and even recommend it to other people. Therefore, you should make sure your backgrounds are as attractive as possible. The Divi theme has a wide range of options you can use to adjust the appearance of your backgrounds. Examples of these are:

  • Video background settings
  • Parallax background settings

Some other important elements of your pages are the icons. A variety of interesting ones make your website attractive. Divi has 300 unique icons that you can use. You can change their colors and place them on the left or right side of your webpages. This theme allows you to adjust your website in any way you want.


Wordpress websites are praised for their stability. The Divi theme brings security and complete design freedom to this CMS. It attracts viewers and can keep them visiting and referring your website.