Guide on Selecting Highly Efficient SEO Keywords

Aside from choosing a company name that is smart, catchy, and effective, the keyword search is known to be one of the most vital and valuable activities when it comes to the search marketing field. When ranking for the best and correct keywords can either make or break your online site, so by doing a little research based on your target market’s keyword demand, you will not only gain knowledge on various terms and phrases to effectively target SEO, but you will also be able to learn more about the customers. This is one of the best ways to improve your SEO.


It does not always have to be getting people to visit your site, but it is also about getting the right type of visitors checking your page. With the help of keyword search, you will be able to predict the shifts in demand, you will easily respond to the changing market conditions while simultaneously producing products, services, as well as content that people usually search for. Remember that in the marketing history, there was never a low barrier to understand and comprehend the motivations of consumers in any niche; so here are some ways to effectively select efficient SEO keywords.


1)  Sit Down and Ask Yourself a Couple of Things

Before you start choosing keywords randomly, think of the keywords that will be relevant for your site’s great content; will these help people find what they are searching for on your site when they use these specific words? Make sure that the keywords you choose are helpful to those visiting your site and the keywords should also bring in traffic that will result in great rewards as well as other organizational goals.

2)  Avoid Using Vanity Keywords

Making use of a specific root keyword may do a great job when it comes to characterizing the items or services that you are offering; however, it could not really be a profitable keyword that can actually drive the right traffic to the site. So instead, it would be a smarter idea if you choose more specific and precise keywords for silver rings or golden necklace if your business is an online jewelry shop. These terms generally have lesser competition compared to using the word jewelry, plus, these will also have a higher conversion rate when it comes to purchases on your website. This is just like choosing a company name, you will need to be highly specific with what products or services you are offering to allow your target market to easily find you and your business.

3) Make use of Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This specific tool is considered as a common and great starting point for SEO keyword search; it does not only suggest relevant keywords, but it also offers the estimated search volume of the specific keyword; furthermore, the tool also helps predict the cost of various running paid campaigns for the following keywords.

To determine a specific keyword’s volume, ensure to set Google’s Adwords Planner “match type” to EXACT then search under “local monthly searches”. Keep in mind that these will display the total searches and depending on your click-through rates, the actual total number of visitors that you will receive for the following keywords will usually come out lesser.