Here are Some SEO Tips for Your Startup Website!

One of the assets of any modern business is its website. This is an online location were current and potential consumers can find information about it. Examples of this information include products, services, administrative structure and contacts. Entrepreneurs should always plan to construct a website for their business. Once the site is up, it is time to move on to the next step, optimizing it. This is accomplished by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on it.

SEO is a series of steps that are conducted on the elements in a website so as to make it rank higher in the search engine results. By ranking high, many more people are able to see it. More visitors often mean more customers and increased revenues. Therefore, owners of startup companies would find SEO very beneficial for their businesses. When done properly, this effort can lead to significantly more revenues. Some tips for performing SEO on your website include:

  1. Using URLs that are search engine friendly
  2. Minimizing the use of Flash media in your website
  3. Optimizing image tags

Utilize URLs that are search engine friendly

The Universal Resource Locator (URL) is a unique identifier for your website. It names your website on the Internet. People can type in the URL of your website in the browser and arrive at your home page. They can also type it in the search bar to get it. For effective LA SEO, you should make sure that your website URL contains keywords that describe your business.

Every page in your website has a unique URL. Ensure that it describes the contents of the web page. With a glance at your URL, one should be able to see the contents of the active web page. A good example of proper keyword insertion is:   


This helps the search engine spiders to index your website. It also helps people to find your website quickly. These are both beneficial to your startup.

Use very little to no Flash media in your website

Flash media makes your website dynamic and very attractive. Unfortunately, it does not make any positive contribution to establishing effective SEO in your website. Flash cannot be linked to a specific web page. Moreover, avoid using Frames or AJAX in your website. If you must include Flash content in your site, ensure that it is minimal. Moreover, always add some optimized text after the Flash media. This way, you are able to perform SEO for your website.


Optimize your image tags

The search engine spiders are designed to analyze text, not images. As such, it is important to ensure that the text describing your images is optimized as well. Ensure that this text is very descriptive and contains relevant keywords. To optimize the descriptions, you should add an 'ALT' tag right before the description of the image. This helps the spiders to find the description and index it as optimized text.


Optimizing your website is very important for startup companies. It makes your website more visible online. As a result, more customers and sponsors can see your website and respond positively. This increases your brand value and promotes the success of your business.