Generating Quality Traffic with YouTube

Do you want to be popular online? Do you want to earn money through the internet? YouTube is one of the most popular sites wherein you are allowed to upload videos. Internet marketers used YouTube Services in order to mine gold online. So, the questions is, “how to make your videos be more visible to people?” The answer is you must have good quality traffic with YouTube. Since YouTube is one of the most popular sites in terms of video sharing.

So, the next thing that comes to mind is, how can I have a good quality traffic with YouTube? Below are some tips on how you can generate good quality traffic with YouTube.

1.  Provide all the information needed

It is very important to enter all the necessary information about the video. Providing such information will help explain what the video is all about. It also gives a good understanding of the services that you are trying to promote. Basic information includes the title, descriptions, and tags of your videos.

  • Titles must be appropriate to the video

Titles are the primary thing that the viewers are typing in the search tab, so titles must be concise. If possible the title must be very descriptive to what your video is all about. With this, it will be easier for the viewer to search for the video needed. Creating titles uses key phrases that people use in order to find your video. So, make a little research on top keywords being used to further improve your titles. Also, you can use YouTube Services to know how much traffic a certain key phrase/ keyword gives.         

  • Make a detailed description for your video

Always remember that the viewers haven’t watched the full video yet, so they rely on the description provided to learn what the video is all about. With this, descriptions must be long enough to describe the video or if possible describe the whole content of the video. Long description also helps in the ranking of the video since some keywords included in the description might be able to help in locating your video.

  • Adding Tags to your videos

Adding tags to your videos will also help create traffic. Tags are normally words and/or phrases that are relevant to the video. These tags are those words/phrases you think the viewer will most probably type to search for your video.

2.  Getting more views, likes, and subscribe as much as possible

  • Getting Views

Having lots of views can help in generating traffic in your YouTube videos. Providing information as mentioned earlier will make your video easier to view and find. On the other hand, using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help a lot in adding views to your video. Not all people visit YouTube if they search for something, others reads blogs and other posts. This is a chance for you to insert links of your video to relevant studies and blogs, especially if your video provides a very helpful solution to the viewer.

  • Subscribe and Likes

Another way to generate traffic is through likes and subscriptions. Having somebody to like and/or subscribe to your video will add a lot on your video traffic.  This is the reason that most of the videos, especially those that are of tutorials and “How to” types of videos, always encourage viewers to subscribe and like their videos.

3.  Grouping your videos into playlists

One good thing about YouTube Services is that it enables you to group your videos into playlists. Viewers normally watch other related videos after watching. Making it into playlist is easier for the viewer find related video, thus, adding more views and if possible likes and subscribers to your other videos.

In creating a playlist, you must group your videos based on topics and content. This will be easier for the viewers to find related videos. In creating the title of the playlist a keyword focused title is encouraged.  In terms of description, it must be accurate and if possible a lot of keywords/ key phrases must be used.

4.  Adding annotations to your videos

What are annotations? These are words inserted in between the videos in order to help the viewer subscribe, comment, and even visit your other social media pages.

How to put annotations? All you have to do is go to your channel, then click video manager. Now, select the video you want to put the annotations, then click add annotation. YouTube services provide lots of annotation. Below are some examples of them.

Speech Bubble- This annotation allows you to add additional speeches that are not included in the conversation in the video. It also allows you to display links in between the video.

Note- This is similar to speech bubble, but unlike it, this is just a simple square shaped wherein you can add additional information about the video.

Title- This annotation helps you add titles in between videos. This title can be customized to the user preference on font, color, and size. This can be effectively useful in describing different brands for advertisement and different subtitles.

Spotlight- This annotation looks like the “Note” annotation. The only difference is that this annotation is a link to an existing video. So, this makes the text a working link that will redirect you to the other video.

Pause – This annotation is very helpful if you need something to be emphasized. This will freeze the video on your desired length of time before it will play back again.

These are the tools that YouTube Services provides. If you are going to use them well, no doubt your video would be very visible to public. Well, who knows you might be the next online sensation or the next online millionaire?