6 Insanely Advanced Link Building Techniques Learned From Real Customers

Want to boost your site’s search ranking? Focus on link building.

Want to boost your site’s search ranking?  Focus on link building.

The core of any strong SEO strategy involves putting together a solid army of backlinks. 

Build your collection of links smartly and you’ll be rewarded in the rankings.  Do it in an ineffective or shady way and you’ll fell Google’s wrath as it slaps you down with penalties that could even include booting you off the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

For over a half-decade now, Google has set Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, Pirate and Hummingbird in motion to determine more accurate rankings that aren’t bogged down with web spam.  Because of this, our search engine overlord has squashed out the more traditional tactics of link building like directories, bookmarking and article submissions, however, despite this, high-quality backlinks are still critical for climbing the search engine rankings. 

The Benefits of Quality Backlinks

The formula is simple, Quality Backlinks = Trust + Relevancy + Authoritative Website.

This is how link building can seriously boost your site ranking.

Let’s take a look at the different components.


You don’t just want links, you want links from relevant sites.  Whatever sites you link to and whoever links to your site needs to be seen as a relevant contributor to your target audience.  So if you have a health & fitness site, you only want to link to sites related to health & fitness. 


Trust is tough to come by, but if you can earn it from Google, you’ll be in very good shape.  So instead of trying to build a million different links, focus on how you can develop trust.  You do this when you consistently provide great content  that’s helpful, unique and easy to read.  This will build trust with your audience and clients, and when then happens your rankings go up. 

Remember, of all the SEO factors, Google values trust the most!

Authoritative Website

Authoritative websites are sites with high-quality links that acquire backlinks off web pages instead of just a single URL – Wikipedia is a great example of this. 

So if your aim is to become an authority, focus on putting out content that hasn’t been shared already but you know people have an interest in learning about.  Create unique, fact and figures drove posts to add as much value as you can to your content; once you do this, you’ll see authoritative sites wanting to link to yours and this will boost your link profile and consequently your search engine rankings.

5 Insanely Advanced Link Building Techniques

1) Broken Link Building

Like the old adage goes, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. 

Broken link building involves locating sites that have pages with broken links trying to connect to your website.  You can do this by using keyword-focused Rightful Queries.  You’ll then use a free plug-in that fixes broken links to locate every 404 broken link on the respective pages.  Your next move is to create new high-quality content to replace the old and contact the webmaster (through email) to make the changeup request. 

2) Skyscraper Technique

With its straightforward yet unique approach and highly effective SEO results, skyscraper technique is the process of locating an impressive linkable asset within your niche to develop one that’s more current.  After that, you’ll send out an email to everyone linked to the original asset to inform them of your fresh, up-to-date perspective on the content.  You can learn more about the skyscraper technique here.

3) Natural Guest Blogging

The key with guest blogging is that it’s NATURAL.  If you guest blog in a sincere effort to share information (i.e. not to spam), you’ll find it’s a very effective way to drive lots of traffic from the social media platforms.  And if  you’re not a great writer, don’t worry, you can check out this list of writing service reviews to get some awesome content. 

4)  Dead Backlink Recovery

Any time you move your domain or eliminate some pages from your site, you’ll wind up with dead backlinks floating through cyberspace.  This can knock you down the rankings, so to build it back up, you’ll want to gather up the dead links (this can be done by locating all 404 errors).  At that point, you’ll be able to reroute to intact links on other pages of your site that have valuable content. 

5)  Reshape a Mention in a Backlink

Whenever someone mentions your brand or you without including a backlink, you should request they create a link to you that uses your brand or name.  You can use Mention or Google Alerts to discover where your name has been mentioned and then simply reach out to them with a captivating email they won’t be able to ignore. 

6)  Use Infographics

Why force your visitors to slug through walls of text when you can provide them with videos and imagery that are far simpler to process in a lot less time? 

Answer: you shouldn’t.

Audiences love infographics.  They’re attractive, easy to digest, and enjoyable to look over.  In fact, publishers who incorporate infographics typically achieve a 12% spike in traffic to their site. 

Create a captivating infographic and connect with other bloggers who’ll appreciate what you’ve done and who’d like to link to your site to share your infographic. 


The link building techniques above are not only great for boosting your Google search engine rankings, but they’ll also help you expand your brand to a whole bunch of new followers.  By employing these tips, you’ll stay way ahead of Google’s never ending crackdowns on spam, avoiding aggravating penalties staying in the search engine giant’s good graces.