Advertising Techniques New Businesses Should Use

New business owners have to rapidly build interest in their products and services if they are to have any hope of growing their company into successful a enterprise. But knowing how to drive interest and get new customers can be a challenge. You must know the right advertising and marketing techniques that will get you where you want to be. Business owners who have had the most start-up success are the ones that mix both old and new advertising techniques. Here are some tips to find a balance between the two and how to get your startup started right.

Traditional Offline

Business marketing teams continue to use traditional offline advertising methods, such as billboards, posters, flyers, direct mailers, TV, and radio spots and newspaper advertorials because they still work. Even in the internet age, having some scope outside of the internet is important in spreading the word. The most important thing new business owners need to remember is that traditional options are usually not enough on their own. Keyword search engines and online advertising have increased competition and consumer expectations too much, but knowing how to utilize both can keep you ahead.

Outreach Marketing

Relationship building through outreach marketing is important as ever. You must reach out to members of your target market one-on-one and as a group for professional resources and in friendship. For example, you might partner with other businesses offline and online in interactive promotional efforts designed to create memorable experiences for consumers. A content marketing agency might work with your site design and blog as possible outreach marketing solutions. Ask for feedback from customers and bloggers in your industry in the form of focus groups, surveys, and Q&A discussions. Share content and ideas on social media and offer incentives to loyal customers and fans. Share what people really think of you and get word of mouth going both online and off with these options.

Promotional Events

Promoting your business by setting up a big event is a traditional offline advertising technique, but you also need to think about online promotion. Set up a weekend of prize drawings and competitions on social media or host an "invite-only" party in a closed online group setting that features new product/service details and door prizes. Another option: Send your fans on a scavenger hunt where they must explore your website to win products/services, gift cards and other types of rewards.

Customer Testimonials

Businesses rise and fall these days because of their online reviews. Offset bad reviews by regularly advertising any instances where you resolved a complaint that was posted by a previous customer in a public setting online. Post customer testimonials on a dedicated page on your website and as quotes on product and service pages. Lastly, ask your loyal customers if you can interview them and include content from the interviews in e-newsletters and promotional efforts. They will appreciate that you value their opinions and experiences, and you will reap the benefit of free positive advertising.

An abundance of advertising tools exist that can make your business flourish. Start with these few techniques today and then build on them as it grows.