Top 10 Content Marketing Resources to Bookmark ASAP

Some people might think that content marketing resources existed after the Internet existed. In fact, content marketing existed long before the Internet existed.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people doing content marketing. Some significant changes occurred in the Content Marketing Services and Content Marketing Strategy.

Content Marketing Services in The Era of The Internet

In traditional communications, people need a media to communicate. The Internet is also a communication media. So, in traditional communications, people need the Internet to communicate. In the Internet era, not only people need the Internet, but, the Internet also needs people. Why? and How?.

After search engines came along, people use search engines to access web contents. People use the Internet to access web contents. So, contents are badly needed by the Internet. In other words, the Internet need people to upload contents to the Internet.

Content Marketing Services Provider create contents to be uploaded to the Internet. The Services Provider plays an important role in the Internet era. The following are some recommended Content Marketing Services Providers:

1. Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. is another example of good content marketing services providers. Influence & Co. is doing its business with experts. The way they developing the content is by extracting the knowledge of the experts.

Influence & Co. specializes in knowledge management. The services are ranging from knowledge extraction to knowledge distribution. The company is backed-up by the team of writers, editors, and publication specialists.

2. Scripted

Scripted is a service provider that offers freelance content marketing services. Supported by thousands writers, Scripted provides services to small businesses, agencies, startups and enterprises.

Scripted provides services with reasonable price. This is an attractive option for small business or start-up companies. The services provided varies based on customer's specific needs. They are ranging from Blog Posts, to Email Newsletters, Social Media and Website Copy.

3. Contently

Contently is a content marketing service provider. It provides services ranging from simple blog posts to interactive multimedia projects. Contently is supported by journalists, photographers, designers, videographers and other related workers.

Interestingly, Contently claims that it is a technology company that provides content marketing services. Indeed, in many ways, content marketing services can be categorized as a technology company.

4. Story Worldwide

Story Worldwide is a content marketing service provider. It provides services ranging from Integrated Campaign, to Social Media and Content Marketing.

Interestingly, Story Worldwide is supported by various background of professionals. Story Worldwide team consist of comedy writer, tour guide, journalists, musician, soccer coach, etc.

5. Ratedbystudents

Rated by Students is one of good content marketing services providers. It provides a variety of services. The services are ranging from SEO-optimized Content Writing, to Copy Writing, Rewriting and Editing.

This content writing agency has user-friendly services selection menu. The services and prices offered are very interesting and competitive. Prices are classified by time of services in hours or days.

Content Marketing Strategy

In the Internet era, the strategy of content marketing is totally changed. If in the pre-Internet era the readers of the content are only people. But, in the internet era, search engines are also the reader of a content.

One of the significant method in the Internet era is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can drive traffics to websites. The web contents need to be optimized using SEO method to drive more traffic to website.

Content Marketing Strategy Tools plays important role in the internet era. The following are some of the important Content Marketing Strategy Tools:

6. Yoast plugin

Yoast plugin is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools used in the Wordpress editor. Yoast assists in applying SEO when creating article content. Yoast comes with free or paid version.

Yoast is useful in applying SEO while creating article contents. Yoast will give a green sign if the SEO has been optimized. Without tools like Yoast, it is difficult to determine whether the SEO is optimized.

7. Hemingway

Hemingway is a useful content marketing strategy tools. Without it, it is difficult for us to determine whether an article content is easy to read.

In traditional content marketing, ensuring an article is easy to read, is done intuitively. The writer just kept writing, sometime without considering whether the article easy to read. But, now with Hemingway, we are greatly helped to be able to determine whether an article is easy to read.

8. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a must for webmasters. Using these tools to optimize contents is an appropriate decision.

Using Google Webmaster Tools is a good strategic decision. Google is not the only search engine available, but Google is the most popular search engine. Even, SEO is all about Google.

9. Alexa

If you want to feel confident in doing keyword research then you need to have the right tools. One of the tools that can reliably perform keyword research is Alexa.

As Google remove pagerank from the view of public. Now, Alexa is also an alternative for us to see our website position in the Internet.

10. Clicky

Clicky is another useful tool for webmasters in monitoring web visitors in real-time. This tool is very easy to use.

By using Clicky, we can see the detail activities done by each visitor. It is helpful for developing the improvement plan of websites.

People Need The Internet and The Internet Needs People

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people doing business. Content Marketing Resources plays important role in supplying resources to the Internet. People Need The Internet and The Internet Needs People, the never ending Cycle.