Anchor Text- For Getting Best Ranking In SERP

The Anchor text is a visible and clickable text that is there in a hyperlink. It is the visible words and characters that is display in the hyperlinks, when the user is linking to some other document or location on the website. In the modern browser it appears or come into sight as blue underlined text, but the users can easily change their different website links styles, colors and designs with the help of HTML and CSS.

The search engines use the external anchor text in order to know how the audiences are viewing your pages and the anchor text that is used within the customers owns website is appropriate, useful and descriptive or explanatory. The anchor text can support the users as well as the search engines in order to get relevant important contextual information about the content of link station.


The online word counter and the cool text generator play a major role in ranking the pages in the search engines. There are different types of anchor text which are as follows:-

EXACT MATCHED ANCHOR- It includes or has those keywords that are the exact match of the target keywords of the users. The exact anchor texts are the vital type of anchor text which plays an important role and help to improve your ranking.

BRANDED ANCHORS- A branded anchor is that anchor text which uses the brand name as text. The branded texts are the safest text to use till the website is the exact match sphere. The popular brands and site such as Moz and Best Buy includes a great number of branded anchor text

KEYWORD + BRAND ANCHOR- Using the keyword and brand anchors is one of the safest and great technique in order to build a strong and effective anchor profile. The keyword and brand anchor is nothing but a simple combination of the brand name of the user and their choice of keyword.

PARTIAL MATCH ANCHOR TEXT- It means that at least one word must match the demand of the anchor text.



It is important to optimize the anchor texts so that your website can get good ranking in the SERP. The online word counter which helps the users to improve their choice of words is important for ranking in the SERP.

RELEVANT ANCHOR TEXT- It is vital that the anchor text must work in the favor of its users and that’s why it needs to be relevant to the context in the way the users have placed them. The user must understand that the more appealing, attractive and relevant the article will be to the user’s targeted keywords, there will be great chance that your rank will be better in the SERP rankings.

ALLOCATE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ANCHORS-The anchor ranking text distribution can either harm or break the search engine ranking, so it is important to cleverly allocate different types of anchors. It will be of great advantage if the users plan and conduct a research and see how the different websites are performing. This will help the users and give them a clear idea as for how they must allocate the different types of anchors in their website.

AVOID LINKING TO HARMFUL WEBSITES- It is true that having different authority sites linking to the users is very much beneficial for the search engine optimization. The users must understand and know that the different sites that they link, plays a vital role in how the search engines will rank their pages. Be sure that the anchor texts don’t link to harmful or toxic sites. Most people do this just to win the reciprocal linkbacks. They must focus on those sites that are important and relevant for their slots and which can gain high ranks for them.

AVOID INTERNAL LINKING- Though the internal linking is very important and highly recommended the users must avoid using it with the keyword and rich anchor text. This can create negative impression or impact on the link. The users must try different alternatives for spreading the anchor athwart the sentences. This will help the users of creating long anchors and spreading it within.

GUEST POSTS- The guest posting is an important technique which is used by the bloggers in order to increase traffics on the websites. The guest posts are still very effective way for building a great and strong profile link.

TRACK- When the users are building backlinks, it is important that they must track the anchor texts which they have used. This helps them to be aware that they are not over optimizing the pages with the keywords and anchors. They can track their anchors on the excel spreadsheet and avoid repeating or using it again. Taking the help of different monitoring tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Monitor Backlinks, etc can be very efficient and helpful.

The words that are in the anchor texts helps in determining the type of ranking or the spot that the page will get by different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, SERP, Bing, etc.  Cool text generator helps in getting a good effect on the text helps a lot in improving your ranking. There are different website, search engines and browsers that will display anchor text in different ways and here it becomes vital for the users to use the anchor text accurately which can be a great help the page to rank for the keywords in the search engines.