The 10 Step Formula For Perfectly Optimized Blog Posts

It is not a secret that the knowledge of the search engine optimization basics is a must for a success of any blog, regardless of whether its purpose is to get more traffic, earn money or keep the clients of the company updated to the main news. Today, successful online marketing and blogging both require applying some efficient and solid SEO methods and knowing the main trends to reach success.

Why does it matter for your business? Not all bloggers and individuals realize why is it necessary to optimize each text that they post on the Internet but in fact, this is the best and a correct way to bring your blog to the top of the search list and thus, catch the attention of your audience.

That is why you should improve your SEO strategy right now if you need faster results! This post will tell you how to make content that both readers and search engines will love, give you valuable advice on this matter, and provide you with a step-by-step guide for perfectly-optimized blog posts!

Step #1: SEO Goes First!

The main mistake that many newbies make is writing an article and only then optimizing it instead of taking care of this matter before they start working on a new post. As you could already understand, this is wrong. In fact, this process should start far before you actually begin writing the text. This mistake is often made by aspiring bloggers and if you are one of them take a few minutes to read this SEO optimization WordPress guide to get a better idea of what you should write and how to promote your texts.

Step #2: Set Clear Goals And Understand What You Aim For!

A blog is not a collection of random pieces of writing. On the contrary, it is a base of articles, each of which has a specific purpose and goal, and that is why it is important first to decide why you do this! Thus, you have to know your goals!

For example, if you strive to earn money by posting on-site advertisements, your goal can be to get your posts on the top of the search list, attract the attention of other bloggers to get some backlinks, etc.

In any case, setting clear and realistic goals is a must if you want to make your blog successful and high-quality.

Step #3: Search For Relevant Keywords!

Keywords are exactly what helps your audience find you, and that is why you should not neglect this step and try to integrate relevant and popular keywords in your posts. How to find good keywords on any topic? The easiest way is to use a special tool. For example, Google’s Keyword Planner will give you a detailed report on the most popular search queries on the selected topic and thus, will help you create a high-ranked post with ease!

Step #4: A lot Is Not Always Good!

Once you have a list of proper keywords, your work isn’t finished yet because you now have to shorten it or otherwise, your text will have too many of these words, which can lead to the penalty or low ranking.

Step #5: Work On Your Title!

Now it’s time to optimize the title of your post. You have to place your main key phrase here to help the Internet users and search engines easily find your text, and, at the same time, you have to make it bright, catchy and relevant.

Step #6: Plan The Content!

Now, when the preparation is over, you have to make a plan for your article. The easiest way to determine what kind of content is interesting to your targeted audience is to search for the chosen keywords on the web.

Step #7: Write Your Post!

After you have a rough plan, you can start the writing process. At first, it can take a while, but with some practice, you will learn to create the content faster and easier.

Step #8: Optimize Your Article!

Look at a few examples of search engine optimization for blog posts to ensure that you will not make any major mistakes and, based on the obtained information, optimize your content.

Step #9: Promote The Article!

Even after you press the “publish” button you are not done yet because you have to draw the attention of the users to your creation – take a look at this post to find out how to promote your posts in an easy and effective way!

Step #10: Analyze The Results!

Finally, this formula wouldn’t be completed without some analysis. Thus, after you’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above, your last task is to collect the statistical data and evaluate the effectiveness of your post to see your rates of success and improve it in the future! After this step, you will be able to improve your business plan. And, if you lack experience in this matter, you can get help from professional business plan writers for hire that will provide you with a detailed business plan at the low cost!