Featured Snippet ? How it Benefits Your Business


Google constantly tries to understand the searcher’s intent every time it displays the results for a search query. For years, Google searches were syntax-driven. But things have begun to change, and Google search has been making the transition to semantics. The introduction of featured snippet is an example. Featured snippets have been gaining ground in the SEO industry, owing to the benefits it imparts for online businesses. Here’s all about it: 

What is Featured Snippet? 

When you search for a query and hit the ‘Enter’ button, a small paragraph with relevant information for the search query will be displayed on top of the organic search results. This is called a featured snippet. Featured snippets occupy 10% of the Search engine results page and Google displays the URL, from which the information is taken, at the bottom of the snippet. 
Featured Snippet Increases Click-Through Rate: 

Traditionally, there are two options for those needing high Click-Through Rate (CTR). The first would be running a paid promotional campaign, and the second is attempting to get the top rank in Google. However, Featured Snippet works differently. 

The chances of a webpage to be used in a featured snippet increases when another webpage from the same site is ranked in Google, for the same query. This technically means that CTR would get a boost when two webpages from one site are displayed on SERP, by as much as 500% 

Featured Snippet is Not Always Consistent: 

When it comes to featured snippets, there’s no definite system in place. Only Google can determine whether the webpage is worthy enough to be used in a featured snippet. Google’s algorithm still remains a mystery to many, hence to increase the odds of your website being included in a featured snippet is to adopt these two methods mentioned below: 

a. Q&A: 

Featured snippets usually follow a question and answer pattern, so when you are creating content, you can add as many questions as possible relating to the topic and offer answers to those questions. 

b. Google Suggest & Adwords: 

Google’s Suggest feature provides keyword suggestions, with which you can draft questions and answers for the same. This plan works even better if you are considering long-tail keywords. 

When a page appears on Google’s ranking, then the chances for other webpages to appear on featured snippets will increase. In a nutshell, Featured Snippets enhances CTR and overall SEO results, which will directly benefit the business.