Digital Marketing: 3 Basic Business Campaigns to Jumpstart Your Online Presence

It’s hard to create an online presence these days. The swell of affordable technology and software makes it feasible for anyone to produce near-professional quality photos, audio and video. You’re seemingly competing against everyone in the world. All hope is not lost. Hard is a vast distance from impossible. There are numerous ways to jumpstart your online presence and we’re here to talk about a few of them.


Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is one of the faster ways to jumpstart your online presence. The premise is simple. You piggyback your brand on the stronger reputation of a blogger, Twitter star, or other online celebrity. In most cases, you ask the influencer to talk about you in a blog or do a shout out of your brand in a tweet. For your part, you may offer a giveaway of your product or service to their audience or you simply pay influencer.


Website Upgrade

Your website may not be someone’s first contact with your brand, but it’s often the last. Your site is the one place where you have complete control over the user experience and how your story gets told. A well-designed website minimally makes you look professional. In an ideal world, your website keeps visitors engaged, interested and on the site. Of course, good design is hard to DIY. You’ll want to consult with professionals like Ballantine to wring the most mileage out of your website.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a longer-term campaign strategy. The goal here isn’t to generate overnight traffic, but to turn you into a trusted resource. The core of the inbound strategy is consistently posting useful or insightful content. Most businesses default to blogging, but video content on YouTube or a podcast can also work. The driving idea here is that content builds your reputation and more people reference and share your content. As visitors come to trust you, they’re more willing to use your product or service. If you deliver on your promises, you get recommended and the cycle repeats.


The online world is crowded, but you can break away from the herd. Effective website design makes you look professional to any visitors and gives you a chance to tell your story, your way. You can create a one-time or ongoing relationship with an online influencer to help get your brand in front of a larger audience of potential customers. Inbound marketing focuses on content to build reputation and trust, which helps to sell your product or service to customers. The best strategy, of course, is to combine campaigns for maximum reach.