10 Result Driven SEO Techniques For 2018

SEO has been playing a critical role in modern marketing campaigns. Customers are constantly searching for product information online and entrepreneurs have been forced to use various online marketing tools to get to their target audience. There have been several advancements in online advertisements year in year out. Entrepreneurs continue to scramble so as to command the largest proportion of the market.

2018 is expected to be another year of great revolution in the SEO industry. This article presents 10 result driven SEO techniques for 2018. You will discover that most of them build on what is taking place in the SEO industry. The primary objective of these campaigns will be to see each brand gain a competitive advantage in its industry.

1.   Create In-Depth Content

Quality has remained to be key when it comes to the creation of online content. Marketers will pay more attention to the development of high-quality content that will grab the attention of readers. No one wants to read content that does not add value to his level of knowledge. The primary objective of the content will be to provide general information that guide the purchase decision of the customer and not trying to persuade them to buy. Content marketing will remain key in 2018 but more users will pay attention to the development of in-depth content.

2.  Develop Mobile-Friendly Website

You cannot run away from the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. This trend is not about to change because users find Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to be highly convenient when it comes to searching product information online. SEO is taking advantage of this and will see more sites being developed to adopt become mobile friendly. Therefore, compatibility with mobile devices is going to be a key SEO feature in 2018.

3.  Make Your Site Super-Fast

The time that people wait for your site to load so that they can get the right information is critical. Most consumers understand that time is money and they will not want to waste time on websites that take forever to load. SEO experts will be keen to develop super-fast websites in 2018 in order to enhance the user experience. SEO experts will upload images that have light features so as to avoid any delays in loading. This technique will significantly reduce the bounce rate and enhance the conversion speed. Entrepreneurs more people to view their site through the creation of super-fast websites. 

4.  Design Your Website for Better User Experience

User experience will remain on top of the game when it comes to the 2018 SEO techniques. Marketers will pay close attention to the use of techniques that enhance the user experience. Each marketer will want people to get the most out of the website. Close attention will be paid to the overall appearance of the website. There will more need to have a website in which users can navigate through the various pages with a lot of ease. There will be more need to develop simple but detailed websites. Visitors will want to get the most out of a website within the shortest time possible. The kind of user experience visitors get will determine the action they are going to take.

5.  Make A Strong Presence on Social Media

Social media marketing will be more important in 2018 that ever before. A significant proportion of internet users spend most of their time on social media sites. There will be more need to harness the power of social media in SEO marketing. Brands will strive to create multiple social media pages in order to expand their reach. However, marketers will seek to understand that type of social media platforms that their users spend most of their time on. This varies from one industry to another and most decision to buy will come from social media platforms in 2018.

6.  Prefer Quality to quantity in link building

Link building plays a significant role in achieving high ranks in the Google search engines. Marketers will be looking for ways of bringing their sites at the top of the first page in the search engine results. The quality of links will be more important in 2018 SEO campaigns more than ever before. Online marketers will strive to create high-quality links in their online content. They will also look for better ways of attracting high-quality links from authoritative sites. Each brand will be striving to use the power of link building to achieve high authority status. 

7.  Use Schema Markup

Schema markup are critical because they assist the various search engines to return more informative and useful results to your visitors. Users will revert to using more of these codes on their websites so as to attract more audience. Any person who has been using snippets understands the meaning of schema markup quite well. The 2018 SEO trends will incline towards the use of schema markup more than ever.

8.  Use Infographics to Increase Visibility

Infographic will remain critical in 2018 SEO campaigns. They provide very brief but detailed information accompanied with relevant photos. 2018 users will not have the time to read long paragraphs when looking for information. They will desire to read less but gain the most from the website. Images speak 1000 words and web designers will seek to integrate them in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, 2018 will see the use of infographics more than ever before.

9.  Use Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

Advanced SEO internal deep linking is going to gain dominance in 2018. Users will be taking internal linking to the next level in order to develop authoritative sites. More people will concentrate on advanced internal deep linking and this will significantly enhance the visibility of the site.

10.  Switch Your Website to https

We still have so many users who are not on https websites. More and more website owners will be switching to https websites in 2018. This is because of the numerous benefits that the https platform presents to marketers. The top reasons that will motivate this shift are encryption, data integrity, and authentication. Everyone will be looking for ways of making his or her website more secure and functional.


SEO marketing is highly competitive and any brand that does not take an initiative to improve their tactics will not be visible. All entrepreneurs will be fighting to enhance their visibility in the search engines. Entrepreneurs will also be looking for ways of attracting the right audience that they can convert into clients. All the above strategies will play a critical role of shaping the operations of the SEO industry in 2018.