Struggle with Pinterest? 4 Business Marketing Strategies to Consider

Pinterest is one of the most dynamic apps in the digital media space. Over 70% of the app’s users are female and it contains a wide variety of content on almost any topic you can think of. As a business owner, it is wise for you to consider the value of Pinterest and implement in your business marketing arsenal. If you’ve ever struggled with it in the past, consider that there might’ve been some foundational aspects missing. If these four components weren’t missing in your Pinterest strategy, it’s time to ramp the efforts up and improve what you’ve already started.

Create a Business Profile

To get things started, if you run a business, register your Pinterest account as a business account. Most people default to the personal account settings. Using the business account settings will allow you to experience a different level of access. You’ll be able to measure analytics better and run ads. Plus, when you create a business profile, it lets other pinners know that you’re not just one person pinning from time to time. The account setting indicates that your account is branded and offering a service or product for sale.

Emphasize the Visuals

When it comes to people, it’s true that looks aren’t everything. When it comes to Pinterest (and almost every other social media platform), looks really are everything. It’s best to pay close attention to how you brand your content. Use the same filters on all of your pictures. Make sure the quality is clear and stands out. If you choose to use a bunch of pictures with font on top, the font needs to be clear, legible and neat. Resist the temptation to go to a site like or Photoshop and create graphics with multiple fonts. Everything needs to be concise and captivating.

Collaborate with Other Pinners

A great way to get your name out there as a brand involves collaborating with others. Find another business with a product or service that’s complementary to what you offer. It’s important to look for one that’s complementary and not in direct competition. For example, if your company sells hair products, it’s a part of the beauty industry. Connect with a company like Nu Skin on Pinterest that sells skincare and makeup. A joint effort on a collaborative board would be fun. Both parties would have access to one particular board and would be able to actively add pins that would further promote the beauty message. You’ll be able to gain exposure to their followers and they’d be able to gain exposure to your followers. Group boards tend to do really well for people looking to expand and get their content in front of new audiences on Pinterest.

Regularly Pin

At the core, it’s so important to make sure you’re pinning content on a consistent basis. There are some scheduling tools that will allow you to manually plug the pins into a schedule and it’ll pin the posts for you at a particular time. This is a great option for those who are busy and don’t have time to repost and pin to their boards. If you’re someone who enjoys logging into the app to unwind and see what else is out there, make sure to log in on a daily basis and get a few pins going. Truthfully, it would be great if you could log in once or twice a day to get things started.

These four tips can easily make a major difference in the business you receive from Pinterest. The key with all of these tips is that you must remain consistent. If you’re not consistently delivering at 100%, it’ll show. Because there’s so much competition in the marketplace, you have to do all you can to stand out. By executing these components well and building upon them, you’ll dominate Pinterest before you know it.