Future Trends To Boost Your eCommerce Brand In 2018

In eCommerce web development, the most important factor is to keep your website evergreen. It should never look dull because your shop is the symbol of your personality and people will create an image about your brand after viewing your store.

So, what you can do to attain the good results? There is no rocket science or mathematics running behind that can guarantee your business success. You only need to follow the best yet latest web designing practices and trends for Magento web development that you can implement in your site. This can lead you gain the quality results with a beautiful web design and a strong web presence.

Let’s read the below eCommerce trends that one can follow to leverage the maximum benefits for his business:


1. User-generated Content

This type of content is supposed to be more influential for eCommerce purchases than any other media type. As review marketing gives worth to the customer’s input, the user-generated content can be encouraged via social media. This leads to strengthening the relationship between retailers and customers.


The eCommerce sites convince customers to post their own content on social media and give exciting rewards in terms of discounts and other privileges.


2.  Marketing Automation

Marketing automation simply means the process to automate email marketing and schedule social media posts. It has been expanded to the areas including customized landing page plus easily accessible shopping carts.


With the proper implementation of tactics, there are so many things you can be able to perform. You can send e-mails as per the requirements of your customers along with retargeting customers for necessary product sales. You are allowed to showcase new products and promotions by analyzing the shopping history of the readers.


3. Chatbots/ Personal Assistants

Chatbots are in popularity from the last few years where use of neural networks plays a big role. These AI-powered chatbots help improve the user engagement by rendering relevant options. Studies have predicted that this will reach $1.25 billion by 2025. In coming time, you can expect them to be smarter and widespread.


Starbucks can be a good example here that allow users to place orders through voice commands or text-based chatbots. You will also come to know the remaining time of the order preparation and the total cost.



It stands for ‘research online and purchase offline’. This can assumed to be the finest consumer shopping habit of thrifty shoppers and sharp-eyed bargain hunters. ROPO is the culmination of the long journey of online shopping technology.


Customers of the today’s arena the tendency to research products online before making offline purchases. This is because it empowers finding the products at the best possible rates. On the other hand, it gives the most effective offline conversion tracking to the retailers following the high-end Magento customization services.


6. Express Delivery

Today, customers are not willing to wait even for 1 or 2 days. Research proved that about 30% of the customers can happily spend extra to buy a product to get it delivered on the same day of purchase.


A big crowd of eCommerce retailers are setting up a large network of local delivery centres so that products can be shipped to the customers very quickly. This reduces the burden on centralized distribution and shipping centre.


7. DIY Platforms and Distribution

The retailers of today are moving to the DIY platforms and distribution systems to enable customers so that they can experience online shopping from the seller’s perspective. This gives them an opportunity to work as vendors as well as customers.

The eCommerce brands are finding new ideas everyday to leverage the DIY platforms among the creative customers. This will prompt people to get direct benefit from such gateways.


8. Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges that most of the eCommerce stores face in terms of automation and personalization is customer segmentation and identification of patterns according to the browsing history. As this era is highly advancing, you can use intelligent algorithms to handle these challenges.


As per the studies, people who use personalized strategies can see a gain up of 6% to 10%. The data accuracy returned by these algorithms highly depends on size and quality of data. It is a threat for those small businesses that are not capable of handling large volume of data.

The businesses of these types can be easily partnered with third-party providers with large data access to handle this hurdle. This results in the growth of AI powered tools for most businesses.


Final Takeaways

It is always vital to be in sync with the eCommerce and SEO trends if you want a sustainable growth in your domain. The above-listed strategies are pretty useful in Magento E-commerce development but there is no end of improvement. If you still feels something lacking or getting the satisfied results, your competitors are the best mentors to reply on. It is not sensible to react instantly on any update. Read, grasp and then decide if it will work for you. Then, take your next step.