Leveraging On Email Marketing In Mobile App Development For Better App User Engagement

Today, the advent of mobile phones gives us easy access to our emails even while on the go. Hence, the need to maximize email marketing for a better app user engagement. Email marketing is amongst the best marketing strategies that result in a better engagement. Most top app development companies cannot ignore its use in app development process. This is because it offers opportunities for you to reach a wide audience for your app. In fact, it is an integral part of the campaign strategy for businesses, especially in app development.


With the advent of mobile phones, you can reach out to potential customers via emails with ease. All you need is the right email marketing strategies to put your mobile app in the public eye. More so, if you want to stay connected to your customers, you need email marketing to do so. Customers and potential customers will engage more with your app via email marketing. More so, it is an inexpensive marketing strategy with proven positive results. This strategy contributes to the design successes of most top app development companies in India. Thus, the need to integrate email marketing into the mobile app development process.


What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a type of marketing done via emails through the internet. It involves the use of emails as a marketing strategy to reach out to customers. Here, you send commercial messages with the aim to promote your mobile app to boost download. It involves using emails to build connection and relationship with your customers. Thus, results in better app user engagement with improved conversion rate and optimization. Most top app development companies understand email marketing and the possibilities it offers. Thus, its use for improving app visibility and use.


Importance of email marketing tips for better customer engagement

Email marketing is cheap and easy to use for better customer engagement on your app. More so, you can set up and track email marketing campaigns with ease. It is inexpensive and very easy to access. So, it is important you maximize its potentials for better results. The truth is; this marketing strategy gives you the privilege to keep your customers informed. In fact, you are able to tailor your marketing messages to the needs of your customers via email. This is why most top app development companies use email marketing campaigns. The truth is; most persons across the globe access emails via their mobile phones. So, with this, you are certain your emails will be read by a huge number of potential app users.


Today, email marketing has evolved such that you can personalize it to suit targeted audience. You can reach out to a specific group of individuals for a better engagement with your app. Thus, you can offer individuals unique deals or services on certain important events. This is the beauty of email marketing and how far it can help you grow your app users. The truth is; email personalization is good for app development because you can send targeted emails.


The importance of this marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. In fact, a research in 2015 attributes 20% of product sales to email marketing. This implies that it is important you integrate email marketing with your mobile app. With ingenious, well-designed, and executed email marketing, you will get ahead of your competitors. Email marketing is an important business decision you need to make to market your app. Here are a few tips that can help you to improve customer engagement with your app.


Email marketing tips for better app user engagement


1. Develop and have your own email list

One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to buy any type of email list of potential app users. When you do this, chances are that your email campaigns will end in the spam box of potential users. So, it is important that you develop your own email list for your email marketing. With this, your emails give measurable results with increased app downloads and use. More so, developing your email list helps you to develop a permission-based email list. With time, such list will attract, grow, and retain loyal app users. This is a marketing strategy most top app development companies uses in their quest to drive app use.


2. Segment your email lists

A one-size-fits-all email marketing for your app will not yield the required result. Without ignoring other email marketing strategies, it is necessary you send well-tailored emails. The more you send personalized emails, the more effective your email campaigns becomes. So, segment your email list based on groups using their common characteristics. For example, you could target emails to high spenders for specific products on your app. You could segment your list to send emails to users who have opened and all previous emails. Hence, segment your list from time-to-time to achieve your required result. Most top app development companies understand this; thus design apps that support this practice.


3. Scrub your email list regularly

What is the point of holding back to email subscribers who do not read your emails? These set of subscribers are time wasters that have no place in your email campaigns. So, to maximize your email marketing campaign, there is the need to scrub your list. Give room to new subscribers and get rid of the old who do not open nor read your mail.


4. Send short and sweet emails

No one will open nor read an email that is too long and boring at the same time. More so, what is the point of sending app users of potential app users a long mail? It does not make sense and cannot yield any meaningful result. So, write and send short and sweet emails to app users and potential app users. Make every sentence count. If perhaps you have contents with more than a paragraph, link them to your app. App users scan through their inbox for catchy contents and will only read when deemed fit. Most top app development companies are good at using short and sweet emails to promote app use.


5. Humanize your email marketing

Your app will fail not because it is not amazing apps, but because you failed to humanize marketing. Marketing via social media has changed the face of marketing. It has changed the level of personal communication amongst brands and their users. So, it is important you humanize your email marketing by putting a face to your emails. The possibility that people will open emails with a face is far more than ones without a face. When you humanize your email, you empower it with a genuineness to draw the attention of readers. You need to leverage the human relationship to grow your app user base.