Measuring ROI on Video Marketing Campaigns (Infographic)

With video growing into an increasingly dominant force online, it is fast becoming an indispensable tool that businesses can no longer ignore. Despite a significant uptake in video production among the business community, there is still a large portion of business-owners who remain sceptical about investing their time and money into video.  

The good news however, is that study after study has revealed that video is in fact well worth the investment. Did you know for example, that videos embedded on your site can result in an 80% increase in conversion rates? Video marketing has also been shown to have positive effects on brand awareness, email marketing and lead generation.

For those who are contemplating incorporating video into their marketing strategy, this handy infographic from One Productions is a great place to start. This nifty graphic will guide you through the process of planning your next video marketing campaign. It provides a practical advice on how to calculate your ROI as well as a useful break-down of the video metrics you need to know so you can effectively measure the success of your video. It also includes a whole bunch of fascinating insights such as statistics and expert quotes.

If leveraged smartly, video can benefit to your business tremendously. Why not make 2018 the year that video gets the starring role in your content marketing strategy?