Passion: Social Media

In fast arising technology, seems like everyone is hooked up with socializing in the air. Yes! In the air, because we are talking about virtual people here. Modern aged individual seems like cannot last a day without updating their respective social media accounts. Even the elderly people are trying to follow the new-aged norm of communication. We can not blame them, because It is really fun to interact with different kinds of person all over the world. Plus, not to mention the new information that we could learn from it.


Social Media Havoc

But like every discovery, there is always a disadvantage to it which we can not notice especially if we are too focused on it. In social media, people nowadays are investing more time in their gadgets instead of spending quality time with their loved ones. Some social media users are trying to seek attention from virtual friends that most of the time they don’t even really know in person. While some are even desperate enough to do anything just to gain many “followers” or “likes” from the virtual world. Or worst, living in an illusion of how luxurious and happy they are when in reality they don’t even have a job and was fed up with life.


Taking Advantage Of The Chosen Social Media Passion

Make some research. Before you will get so overwhelmed with your thousands of “followers“ and millions of “likes” on every social media accounts that you have, do some google search on how to “ legally” earn out of it. It is not because money is everything, but because you choose that passion, you are happy with what you are doing and most of all, you spend your precious time to it.

Strive to be an expert. Just because you have that great passion for that field, doesn’t mean you are already an expert. Even those well-known expert doesn’t stop acquiring new knowledge. So, we should continue learning, be open to new challenges and discovery. It is the only way to be proficient in what we are doing.

Be equip.Sometimes it is better to avail some social media related training or seminar from the expert, because they already have a lot of experience that they could share to us, adds our knowledge and somehow motivate us from difficulties along the way. Plus, we will have proof of credentials to show off to our potential clients.

But to business owner’s, having social media account is vital. They don’t need to go through those things just to be a social media expert, all they need is to outsource small tasks so they can focus on biz growth.

How about you? Are you passionate about social media? Looking forward to hearing your stories in the comment below. And if you have questions, feel free to shoot me a message.