Getting Your Content Marketing Strategy Right

The use of content marketing by companies is increasingly common. Discover with these tips how you can boost the brand of your company with a good content marketing strategy.


Today, content marketing is a resource used by companies to get the attention of a well-defined target audience. Your results start to appear in the long term, so you need consistency to get results. Attracting and retaining those potential customers through contents that provide solutions will lead to the company receiving greater visibility.


You must be clear that creating content does not mean content marketing. Anyone can write a text with great attraction. Many create content that brings high value to the reader. The key is to create an element that arouses the desire to buy. At least work as an effective call to action facing that target audience. Various technologies enable content marketing to be a success. One of such technology is Android app development that enables a business to carry out its marketing campaign on its mobile device.


Why do content marketing?


Are you wondering what a content marketing strategy can provide you? Here are several reasons why you should already have a content marketing strategy for your company:


• Get an improvement of your brand image. Give your users valuable and personalized content. It will boost your reputation and visibility.


• Create a closer link. Manage your users more directly and at the same time in a natural and open way.


• It is more economical. Having a content marketing strategy is cheaper and more profitable than other options you can think of.


• Improves search engine positioning. Finding the right content will allow you to appear in the search engines ahead of other companies in the sector.


Carrying out a content marketing strategy is something that needs a great investment of time and patience to get results. Here are tips that will guide you to achieve success with your own strategy:


Quality content does not turn into sales by magic


All content that you believe must have quality, but that does not translate directly into sales. When it comes to making an element of your marketing strategy, you must remember your target audience. What does this mean? If you talk about a topic that your audience is interested in, it will not do much good. Therefore it is important that in addition to quality, the content provides value and solutions to your users.


Base your strategy on two types of content

When carrying out your content marketing strategy, you should know that there are two types of content:


Hook: Are those whose impact is immediate because they are easy and simple to assimilate. Reading this type of content will take no more than 1 minute. They are ideal for optimizing your search with keywords.


Durable: Unlike the previous ones, they are characterized because their validity remains active for a long period. They are on the opposite side of the hook contents, and therefore their main objective is not SEO.


Research keywords


Before creating your content, it is highly recommended that you start a campaign in search of keywords. Find those that position you in the best way for your target audience. You will get Google to locate your content and show it to your potential customers.


Take your time creating the titles


When you're going to create any content, think that the content may be at the level of a bestseller, but if the title has no hook and is not well thought out, it can take your toll.


Think that practically all people continue reading if they are attracted to the title. Try entering keywords and convert the content title into an element that generates curiosity.


Locate where your target audience is


Before choosing any social network where to implement your content marketing strategy, you must study the platforms your potential clients are present. Do not be carried away by what the majority chooses (Facebook or Twitter). It may be that this route is not the best option for what you are looking for.


Create a calendar for your content


What good are good intentions if after the content strategy is not carried out? To implement a content marketing strategy, you must make a good plan for the contents.


Knowing what to do, when, how, where and why will allow you to reach success more easily. You must make a calendar to have control of what content you are going to publish daily.


If you carry out these actions, your target audience will be more accessible, but remember that creating content is not enough. The users or potential clients you are targeting are the main pillars around which your entire content marketing strategy revolves. Never stop listening to them and know everything they need. This will be the main ingredient for all the content that you are going to generate.


Define the best format for your content marketing strategy

No doubt you have a wide range of possibilities to reach your audience through the creation of content. Once you know the benefits that content marketing can bring you, and what you should take into account to plan your expected results. Take action! They aren’t that difficult. With Android app development, your marketing campaign can be done on your mobile device. Here are contents that you can use, but you must also be aware of your ability to generate each of them.


Content to attract the attention of your target audience


• Posts: It is the most basic and known type of content that exists, but at the same time it must be in any content marketing strategy. It is recommended that its length be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Android app development makes making a post possible on mobile devices.


• Ebooks: In this case, the length must be longer than that of a post. The main objective should be to educate everyone who shows interest in reading it. It is best to place it on a landing page designed specifically for this content.


• Newsletter: This is the most effective way to do online marketing that exists. You must make subscribing to the newsletter. Use the database to make promotions, offer discounts, publicize sector news, hold contests and even promote the rest of content.


• Infographics: It is one of the most used elements when talking about digital marketing. Its relevance is mainly based on the fact that it is a viral content, simple to share and above all very visual and in which the most outstanding ideas to be transmitted can be explained.


• Presentations: They are usually the result of lectures or presentations made at events. Upload your power point file to Slideshare and make your content accessible to a greater number of people.


Betting on content marketing will give your company greater benefits. Android app development enables creating apps that will make your content marketing success. Make sure you take advantage of Android app development.