3 Steps to Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Till a few years back, you could get away with no social media strategy so long you had your presence on major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. However, in 2018, things have changed, and it is crucial for you to have a winning social media strategy in place to get the competitive edge in the market. Users should engage with your brand on social media. This means having a mere presence in the market is surely not enough. In case, you do not invest in social media marketing and do not engage the customers online; you will lose out on gaining real customers.

Get your steps right to social media marketing and business success

Given below are some steps to help you get your social media marketing right this year and gain a competitive edge in the market-

Three steps to create a winning social media marketing strategy for your business

1. Create social media marketing objectives that resolve your biggest business challenges- Every business in Melbourne and other parts of Australia has a challenge, and the first step to your social media marketing strategy is to understand what your goals are. There is no point putting all your attention and efforts in social media marketing if you do not know what you want out of them. It is like cooking your favourite dish. You need all the proper ingredients ready to make a delicious dish. Likewise, in social media marketing, planning is the need of the day.

Once, you have your plan in place, you follow the steps and get the desired results. Think about preparing your favourite dish where you follow every step of the recipe to create the desired taste- what if you have sudden guests and need to feed your dish to more people? What if one of your guests is allergic to any of the ingredients in this dish? Think about it. Your approach changes and you cook a dish that can be eaten by all and sufficient to satisfy everyone. The same thing takes place when you plan social media marketing.

Identify what your key challenges are.

Create steps to address them. The number one step of a successful social media strategy is to create your goal. These goals should be realistic and attainable. When you create realistic goals, you can stick to your plan. There will be fewer hurdles, and in case they do surface you will succeed. Experts in the field state brands should not take on every platform in their present marketing strategy when it comes to social media.

Choose those social media platforms that have significance based on the goals of your brand. Do not complicate your strategy. Write down your social media goals and make them as simple as possible. SEO Melbourne experts state the simpler your objectives, the clearer your social media strategy becomes.


2. Know and research about your audience on social media platforms- Several people are using Facebook however if you are on this social media platform, how many of them are your brand engaging? Do you make any efforts to understand what your social media audience like? A bit of research work will help you understand whether your audience like your products, what age group is the toughest to sell, who are your most returning customers etc.

Is your brand looking at the demographics of the audience that is most likely to buy your products? Take the effort and look into the demographics of major social media channels. Check the dashboard of social media channels so that you get an insight into who is following you.

Check how they interact with your brand. Understand how the statistics on your dashboard satisfies your specific goals. Understand the metrics most important to your brand. Here, you should understand the social metrics and see if they correspond with your specific social media goals. This helps you to create enduring relationships with your brand. Check the reach, performance of hashtags, engagement and clicks. Evaluate the number of paid and organic likes to get an idea of how your brand is performing.


3. Know your competitors on the social media- Another important tip is you should never steal the ideas of your competitors. Learn and grow with them. You should analyse their pages and know what is making them successful. Find out more about them. Use the information you get to your advantage.

The simple way to find out your competitors is by doing a Facebook search. Check the keywords and the other industry terms that show up. Once you have discovered what your competitors want the next step is to create engaging social media content that keeps your audience happy.

Create content that fits completely into the identity of your brand. Plan your content and create themes that are in sync with your brand. Video content also works well for social media marketing. Create videos that are simple, short and powerful.

Engage your audience and reply to their comments. Be proactive and keep engagements running. It is crucial for you to network well with your targeted audience so that you can keep them engaged. Social customer care also increases the customer awareness. When you are creating a social media strategy, you should always track your efforts and make the necessary improvements. This will help you gain a competitive edge in the market with success.

Therefore, when you are creating a social media strategy for your business and brand, keep these three steps in mind Never rush with your social media strategy. Document your strategy and stick to goals that are realistic. In this way, you can optimise social media platforms and gain the competitive edge from them. Create a separate social media strategy for each platform so that you effectively can bank on their strong points for the promotion and marketing of your brand. In case, you are new in the arena, talk to professional SEO companies to help you create a winning social media strategy for success today and in the long run!