The augmented reality and its utility

The marketing faces a new evolution, and that is the augmented reality. This new technology will push the marketing one-step further and it will be quite a challenge for the marketing people that have as a goal finding more creative solutions of promoting the companies they work for.


The augmented reality is a new trend

The augmented reality is the newest trend. The applications based on the augmented reality are much more easier to create in comparison with the VR ones, their popularity increasing because of the Pokemon Go game, which a couple of years ago has had a huge impact among the generation z users.

From the users’ point of view, this technology seems like it is from the future, and the idea seems innovating. Regarding the way these applications are used, the users show an increased enthusiasm for them, because they show them new things and different perspectives of the world.


A simple, yet efficient concept

The concept behind of the augmented reality is simple: the virtual elements and the actual reality intertwine. This way, the interaction of the users with the virtual world is different from the interaction of the VR. The application based on the augmented reality is more practical and offers to the users a different kind of experience.


The possibilities offered by the AR

Ikea is a company that has invested in this kind of applications, because they understood that the users want to interact more with the products they have to offer, with the help of the AR application, the user can test various furniture items in their own house. They can see how well a couch fits, a sink or any other furniture item in the space that they have at home. The AR applications are the future and the possibility of purchasing goods directly from the application simplifies things and increases the impact on e-commerce. Zara and 7/Eleven have tested the AR applications as well.


AR in marketing

Marketing is about innovation and creativity, the augmented reality seems to be the new stage on which the companies will have their battles, and the way in which the technology is developing contributes to the implementation of this concept.

Think that soon you could see how the clothes fit you, that you could analyze the aspect of some products in the tiniest detail or that you could discover the city that you live in from a completely new perspective.



The augmented reality may seem like the future, but at the moment, we have all the necessary resources in order to create applications that have the role of developing our perspective and to create new solutions, which will innovate and simplify our life.