5 Ways Geotargeting will Help your Business

Start getting more value from your ads through effective geotargeting

In your sales outreach, you need more quality leads, which lead to better conversions. Geotargeting can help you get more bang for your ad dollars.

You've heard it countless times, get a niche and a website, connect with people and you will achieve online success. If only it were that simple, then every website owner would be a millionaire. It is true that you need a website, you need to boil down your business to one or two niches or sub-niches and connect with folks on social media who might
need the information you provide.

However, I have come to find out that online marketing is not just about connecting with people but reaching out to the right people. The folks that need your business the most.

Many times, with location-specific businesses like real estate, geotargeting helps you connect with those people.

Geotargeting is an aspect of SEO and content marketing that focuses on targeting keywords that the majority of buyers in a specific location are searching for and creating content to meet. Stats show that businesses with geotargeted ads receive more clicks than those without.

Combine geotargeting with a great content strategy and you'll have people rushing through the door to work with you.

Local SEO and geotargeting have now become a big deal with the introduction of Google My Business, a free service that helps businesses reveal important details about their business online to local consumers.

Looking at it closely, here are five reasons your business might need geotargeting:

• Better content engagement: Instead of producing generalized content that appeals to a wide range of people. Geotargeting focuses on a specific group of
people within a particular location. This means that your content speaks to these people directly, leading to better engagement.

• Better internet positioning: Chief among the benefits of geotargeting is the chance to be better positioned in search. For example, if someone from France was searching for language learning materials, and you have Google ads set up to reach people searching for language learning in France, your ads might be the first displayed on their search results. Targeting local keywords work the same
way, competition is reduced and it becomes easier to rank higher.

• Better customer loyalty: The fact that you are in the same location is enough to propel a buyer into checking you out. If I make mention of a customer's location in an article or an ad, they get more interested in what I have to say. Plus once
they see that the service is great, you might get more business from their word-of-mouth marketing.

This is one of the props of geotargeting.

• Better advertising return: The cost of setting up geotargeted ads is usually lower than generalized ads. And the return on investment is optimized since
you're reaching the right people. You get more clicks from geotargeted ads.

Consequently, that means, you get more leads.

• Better promotions: Taking advantage of specific events in your business location will give you material for targeted promotion. Your prospects will connect
better with your business as they realize you're aware of what's going on around them. This will lead to increased sales.

It is time to start making your voice heard in your local community, incorporate this aspect of local SEO and start getting better conversions.