Can adopting a new SEO strategy save the future of your business?

Brooklyn has evolved into the business cum cultural hub of New York. Right next to Manhattan, it is a place where hopes and dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs come true. Do all businessmen who set up shop in the business borough of NY see success? What determines the success or failure of an enterprise? It has to be something more than location, and capital.

What is the real story of businesses in Brooklyn?

The leading enterprises of New York City have one thing in common – a strong online presence. There is no reason why that should not be true for the Brooklyn based businesses as well. You can find every kind of store lining the busy streets of the most populous borough of NYC. If you walk down the Park Slope street, you will come across fast food restaurants, gourmet restaurants, bars and pubs, ice cream parlors, salons, and food stores. You will find every kind of new company, small business and startup thrive in these regions.

That is only one side of the larger picture. According to business statistics in the state, around 98% of the enterprises consist of small businesses only. However, they have a staggeringly low success rate. Only about 3 in 10 business succeed. That means, over 70% of the small enterprises meet with failure. These enterprises fizz out within the first five years, although the average revenue of the New York-based businesses is considerably high at a whopping $1.1 million per year.

Before you check out the site for your shop, negotiate on the selling price or rent, and invest in the equipment, we want you to consider the level of competition in the neighborhood. As we have stated before, the bustling streets of Brooklyn have all kinds of shops and businesses lining their either sides. If you take a walk around the block, you will probably find businesses just like yours with open doors that welcome customers that you might be interested in acquiring. What is going to stop these customers from entering the store across the street? How can you get your potential paying buyers to visit your store instead of your competition?

Why do you need online marketing and SEO?

That is where online marketing becomes relevant. There may have been a time when advertising on the front page of the New York Times got businesses thousands of added customers in a month, but things are different now. The millennials make up the lion’s share of the buyers in the current market, but they do not have an affinity for old-school media like newspapers, magazines, and TV. They need something that is "to-go." As a result, there has been a rise in the use of mobile phones to look up brands, products, and services. They compare businesses and check out reviews before stepping into a store. So, whether you want to open a salon or a diner, you must be very careful about targeting your audience the right way.

While trying to get the attention of a select group of internet users, you will need to become highly visible to them. For example – you want to open a handmade ice cream shop in Brooklyn. You will need a functioning website, a listing on Google My Business and Google Maps. Apart from that, you will need to work on your social media presence and mentions on third-party business listings like Yelp. Next, it is your responsibility to ensure that when people search for "handmade ice creams in Brooklyn," they get to see your website on top. Now, you may refute by saying that the ranks are not in your hands. What if we told you otherwise?

Is it possible to target people on a low budget?

Search engine optimization strategies exist for the sole purpose of helping the entrepreneurs find their relevant audience. Any company that has a strong SEO game always garners high organic traffic. The traffic that comes directly from search engines is the best kind. It has the highest potential to convert and the sales funnel is also the shortest for these people. All you need to do is team up with the right Brooklyn SEO Company. This agency should be able to understand your priorities, the personality, and ideologies of your brand, and help you with the digital marketing campaigns. It is the responsibility of a reputed SEO company to help their client with reputation management, mobile-optimization of their website and review managing.

How to find an SEO company in the city?

You can easily find a reliable SEO company in Brooklyn by running a search on Google. You will find hundreds of companies that offer SEO services since this is a competitive field as well. It only makes sense that the best of the best online marketing companies will be the ones on top of the Google SRL. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, even the first three agencies may have unsatisfied clientele. It is up to you to conduct in-depth research and analysis of the material you find on their site. Check their client reviews. They should have a public list of brands and individuals they have helped in the past. Go through the solutions they offer, the pricing options and their social media profiles. The way the company representative interacts with their clientele on social media or discussion forums will tell all you need to know about the SEO Company.

Last few words

The business scene in Brooklyn is quite impressive. It is luring dreamy-eyed entrepreneurs from all over the state. It has become a beehive of activity thanks to the new storefronts coming up faster than you can blink. The competition is growing fiercer by the day, and you will need to equip your team with something more than print ads and TVCs. Digital advertising is the only way to add extra visibility to your brand name. However, digital advertising comes at a steep price. If you want organic results on a shoestring budget, you might want to update your SEO strategy. In case you do not have one, you should find a local SEO company to help you set one up pronto.