How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

A conversion rate is the portion of your website visitors that actually make a purchase. For a company that advertises online, that’s one of the most important numbers on the job, since it showcases how effective your online marketing campaign is.

Keeping track of this statistic will help you expand your customer base and improve on your marketing campaign in general. It isn’t the only metric to have in mind, because there are other ways to interact with a site, but it’s one of the most useful.

It’s about the product

This may seem like the most basic of advice, but it’s the essence of a good marketing campaign. For instance, tips from a professional business coach from Sydney for doubling your conversion rate include paying more attention to things done behind the stage than to those having to do with the site.

It’s also important for your site not to overpromise and under deliver. An offer should be made only when you know for sure that you can make it happen and that you can follow the deadlines that you yourself have set.

Use the data

There’s a touch of art to website design and customer acquisition, but most of it is based on hard data and that’s how you should approach your conversion rate. Make it a habit to check your data on a regular basis, especially when you make a change to your site or content.

This will create a loop in which your decision and especially the change you make is based on conversion data and where conversion data influences the changes you plan to make. This doesn’t mean that you should be driven by the conversion alone – your site should partly be based on your personal aesthetic.

Call to action

A site isn’t there to be read but to interact with. Regardless of how well done your content is, it becomes pretty boring if the visitors have nothing active to do with the site. That’s where call-to-action buttons such as “buy with one click”, “sign up” and “learn more” come into play.

These buttons allow the user to have a sense of control while they are on your site and they keep them engaged in a way a simple wall of text or a video won’t be able to.

Showcase the benefit

Some may feel that it’s wrong to compare their products to those of others and thus point towards your competitors. This may be the case in some small markets or when your product is so innovative that there are no competitors to worry about. However, for most businesses, showing the benefit of choosing your product over all the others is the best way to attract customers.

This too needs to be done in a way that moves the visitors towards making a decision. Simply posting an article that explains your product and its benefits isn’t enough. The comparison should create a sense of urgency for the reader.


Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for a business that advertises online. It showcases how many of your visitors actually make a purchase on your site. The design and the content of the site should be created with this goal in mind. In order to nudge the visitors towards that decision, you should show them why it’s the right call, but also make it easier for them to get your products or ask for your services.