5 SEO Tips for Service-Based Businesses

Many small businesses, in fact, over 50 percent of them are still not using the internet and search engine optimization for them is a topic that is impenetrable. They do not get it and do not want to. It’s a bit like when cars first came out and some people refused to give up their horses. Those people were left far behind and it’s the same for a business that is not using internet marketing and SEO to promote themselves and their brand.


These small business owners, especially service based business owners will just be left high and dry without customers. Some business have tried to have a web presence but lack even a basic understanding of what is involved, but even a minimal understanding of how to optimize their web presence, especially local SEO can yield big returns in the ultra-competitive service industry. If you have a service based business, then using social media  can have a tremendous impact on your business.


Almost everyone has used a google search to discover thing around us such as shops, restaurants, travel agents so we know how useful it is.


Why Is SEO Important?

Because if your business is installing and repairing air conditioners. When someone googles air conditioning repairs into their mobile and all the local air conditioning shops are suddenly on their small screen and you’re not then you have lost your business.

SEO allows you to compete on an even footing with even the largest companies!


So what do you do, Devise a SEO Strategy


Zero in on Your Keywords

Your keywords help Google determine your site’s relevance to what a searcher is looking up. For instance, if someone is looking for an air con repair man they would Google air con repair man on the coast, or air con repairs, or something similar so you need all the keywords on your site they might Google.


Prepare to Be Crawled

Google “crawls” sites to find keywords it then uses them to establish your site’s relevancy in regard to other sites. You need fresh new original relevant and well written content that includes your keywords in text on your website. Do not place important information on images as they cannot be crawled.


Brush Up Your Meta Tags

Meta descriptions and tags appear on search results so need to be reinforced, so use something like “Gold Coast Air Con Repair”.


Submit Your Business to Directories

Make sure you are listed in all relevant business directories such as Google +, but always use exactly the same information. This shows Google that you are genuine and helps build valuable backlinks to your site.


Publish Regular, Authoritative Content

Have a regular high quality blog with original interesting and useful content as this can very quickly enhance your SEO health, Google likes sites that are active and frequently updated. Make sure you have your keywords tastefully sprinkled on all content and share these blogs on your social media sites.

All serviced based businesses need to have local SEO and be active on all social media platforms to promote their brand and ensure that they are noticed and found to be useful and trustworthy.