SEO Trends: How to boost the ranking in SERP in 2019

Both, new and experienced digital marketing professionals find it extremely difficult to promote websites on Google because its algorithm keeps changing from time to time. In digital marketing, old rules of website Optimisation become void and new rules come in place. Only those digital marketing professionals are successful who are familiar with the latest SEO rules and regulations and optimise besides accordingly. So, what should you do to promote sites for the top search results of Google and other leading search engines in 2019? Let's find out.


  1. Pay more attention to personalized content

The world wide web is full of content on almost all subjects. Just type anything on Google’s search bar, it will display multiple results for the same within a few seconds. Most internet users visit and read the content of only those sites that offer them personalized solutions and help them find the desired stuff in the smallest possible time.

Just conduct online research to find the Expectations of the targeted audience when it comes to the content. Some people like text content, videos, images, PDF files, etc. So, create unique and fresh content for your audience either yourself or with the help of professional content writers. Check all the content used for Website Optimisation. Carefully read materials and find out all possible errors as far as possible. If possible, edit the content yourself or get it done by the content writer. Always make sure that you are using fresh and personalized content for Website Optimisation. When internet users to find that their interest has been addressed by your site, they love to deal with your brand frequently and buy from you at regular intervals.


  1. Use artificial intelligence in SEO activities for competitive advantage

Gone are the days when digital marketing professionals used to conduct each and every SEO activity manually and wait for several months to get the desired results. Now, companies and entrepreneurs are ready to invest a significant amount of money to use modern tools and technologies for site Optimisation and always stay ahead in the competition. So, you must also use competent SEO tools for site Optimisation activities on a daily basis. It helps you in many ways. At first, it increases your ability to optimise the website and generate tangible results with less effort. You can use artificial intelligence in content creation, tracking the user activities on a website,  determining the best performing keywords for your brand and evaluate the performance of your site impartially.


  1. Website Optimisation for voice search

There are many internet users who don't like to type lots of text to find the desired stuff on the internet. They love to use the voice search feature. In a voice search, users give voice commands to search engines to find the desired info, products, and services. So, optimize your site for voice search results. It's easier to do and helps you get additional traffic & promote the site ranking on the web.


  1. Website Optimisation with A  mobile-first Approach

As we all know that the number of mobile internet users has already crossed the total number of Desktop internet users on a daily basis. The use of mobile devices for Internet browsing with each passing day because of the mobility facility. Individuals can easily use the internet on mobile devices while moving from one place to another. In 2019,  the number of total mobile internet users will increase further. So, you need to optimise a website with a mobile-first approach. First of all, your site should be responsive to all mobile devices. Secondly, keep the content length concise and straightforward. If you just are able to access the website on mobile devices and you offer high-quality materials to them, Google will display your site or its pages in its top search results helping you to get lots of traffic and business opportunities one after another.


  1. Video Marketing

In simple words, video marketing is a process in which digital marketing professionals use interactive videos to promote specific products and services and try to generate leads and sales as per as possible. You will be surprised to know that videos attract a large number of internet audience and help them to understand the advertised products and services easily and quickly, compared to the text or image content.

There are millions of internet users all over the world who watch their favourite videos on YouTube or other video sharing websites. You will be able to get lots of traffic and business opportunities if you promote your websites on these forums.  Therefore record interactive videos about your products services and upload them on YouTube channel. Take care of the technical aspect of video marketing as well. Also, take all possible steps to increase the views, likes, and shares of your YouTube videos as far as possible. The more likes, shares or downloading you have, the more business opportunities are likely to come in your way sooner or later. You can also attach live videos in Search Engine Optimisation activities to help users spend more time on your website and by from you. Successful video marketing campaigns help digital marketing professionals to get tangible business opportunities with the little report. It also helps in website promotion on Google and other alternative search engines.


  1. Optimise your sites for all leading search engines

Many digital marketing professionals and young entrepreneurs often think that if they have a website and a team of search engine marketing specialists, they can easily increase the ranking of websites on Google and get lots of business opportunities in every day. But all such people must keep in mind that promoting a website on Google is not a child's play. From time- to- time, Google updates its algorithm which makes the website Optimisation an extremely herculean task.

New as well as experienced digital marketing professionals face disappointment while promoting websites Google. If you analyse the tendency of people involved in the online business, you will be surprised to know that all of them are crazy about Google. Nobody cares about the business opportunities that come from small search engines. We think nothing is wrong if you get additional traffic from less popular search engines. As a digital marketing individual, it's your duty to optimise your websites for all living search engines of the world. This will help you a lot when your website has a low ranking on Google. You will be able to generate leads and sales by converting organic traffic that comes from small search engines.


  1. Guest Blogging Activities

These days, guest blogging activities are getting momentum once again. It is because the world’s leading search engine Google consider backlinks to your sites as an important ranking factor. The more high-quality backlinks you generate to your website, the higher the chances it will have to rank on the first page of Google with all keywords related to your business. That is why it is very important for you to get involved in Guest blogging activities, which is the primary source of backlinks to websites.

So get high-quality materials for guest blogging. Contact all those site or blog owners who are looking for someone who can contribute content in exchange for a backlink to the website. Finalise each and everything and share your content for publication. If your content is published by the Guest blogger with a do follow link, you will get the referral traffic to your website and lots of business opportunities sooner or later.


  1. Live streaming with your regular fans and followers

These days, people love to hear from the brain behind popular brands, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Yandex, Amazon, Baidu, IBM etc. They want to communicate with intelligent minded people, safe their problems with them and get instant solutions. Therefore if you want to popularise your brand and make it a hit on the web, conduct social media live streaming from time to time, questions from customers and provide them with the best possible solution on the spot. This will make customers happy and they would love to come back your website regularly in search of new content, products, and services. A Satisfied customer is your brand ambassador and helps you in business marketing totally free of cost.


Final Words

With frequent Google updates, 2019 will be a half year for all digital marketing professionals across the world. it will be very difficult to optimise blue sites for top search results and stabilize their ranking on Google. Therefore, you need to use the latest SEO tricks for Website Optimisation and the generation of sufficient business opportunities every day. Best of luck!